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7 Simple Truths for Being a Human in a Messy World {Episode 14}

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In a random burst of inspiration a few mornings ago, I jotted down these seven simple truths. They’re lessons I’ve been learning over the last few years—the years that I’ve been baby-stepping my way to a more wholehearted, authentic version of myself.

I thought maybe someone out there could use them too. 🧡 (I hope that someone is YOU.)

7 Simple Truths for Being a Human in a Messy World

1. Stop when you need to stop. Give yourself a break when you can’t work any more.

This one’s for the doers. The action-takers. The creators. The givers, the helpers, and the quiet, steady workers. It’s for anyone who sometimes forgets that her worthiness as a human has nothing to do with how much she can get done. It’s for anyone who needs to be reminded to REST.

2. Practice showing up with presence instead of perfection.

Your kids don’t need a perfect mom.
Your spouse doesn’t need a perfect partner.
The world doesn’t need a perfect, manicured version of you.

We need you just as you are.

Present, not perfect. Whole, not curated.

Just YOU.

3. Your worth has nothing to do with the state of your to-do list.

Friendly reminder! If you get nothing done today, you will be just as valuable of a human being as you would be if you climbed a mountain, saved a puppy, and crossed every last item off that to-do list. Your worth has NOTHING to do with how much you get done. 👊

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4. It’s okay to meet your own needs—even at the cost of what someone else wants.

Hey, you—the one who gives and nurtures and builds everyone up… but sometimes at the cost of her own wellness. I see you! WE see you. And we just want you to remember that your needs are worthy, too.

5. It takes courage to let you real self be seen, but that’s when authentic connection happens.

It was a September afternoon a handful of years ago. I had just gotten bad news when a friend knocked on my door. I frantically wiped away tears and invited her inside. She asked if I was okay, and I brushed it off—I changed the subject.

Looking back, I can see what an opportunity I missed. I could have shared a REAL piece of myself; I could have deepened our friendship.

I don’t want to miss more of those chances.

Let’s choose our people carefully but let our real selves be seen.

6. “Balance isn’t fitting everything in. It’s starting with what’s important and letting the rest fall as it will.”

​We’ll never get it right all of the time. In fact, I don’t think there’s a “right” at all. But when you start with what you value most, it’s easier to let other priorities slip away.

7. “What if the answer isn’t to expect more of yourself but to be gentle with yourself?”

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Sending lots of love!

PS. Which number speaks to YOU the most right now? 🧡 For me, I think it’s #2. I’d love to hear yours!


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