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A Girl Destiny Story Must Read

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A Girl Destiny Story Must Read

Introduction Of A Girl Destiny Story Must Read

A Girl Destiny Story Must Read. Catherine and her destiny once upon a time in a kingdom far away from where we sit at the moment there lived a princess called princess Catherine I don’t know anything about her except that she reads all day and is a princess with glasses, not my princess no no oh no people think you’re boring doesn’t bother me now if you will excuse me I’m trying to put this hard-boiled egg into the bottle another science experiment we need to go out have fun party meet new people.

I did it are you even listening to me you must be so eager to know how I did it right no you see first I put a burning piece of paper in the bottle not interested the burning paper in the bottle causes the air to expand and the pressure to go up when the fire runs out of the oxygen the temperature cools and the air contracts sucking the eggs through the bottle opening are you done with this one yes princess er the king father no the passing away of the king princess Catherine the only heir to the throne was to become the queen of Norway but her subjects were not quite sure about it you see princess Catherine had never dwelled in the matters of administration and had kept herself forever buried in books.

Yes finally you are to become the queen I don’t know cactus I just don’t think i am ready princess the kingdom’s under attack what minister what is happening panto the despicable king of Iola has attacked us during our morning we are no match for his army you must run to safety princess but our kingdom it is too late we will have to surrender but you must run he won’t keep an air alive but come back first when you are ready now run we are far away from the kingdom now we are safe to sit here and let me go survey the area and find some food with cactus gone catherine sat by the lake and stopped bitterly suddenly she heard something whooshing past.

Behind who is that I am my what and why can’t I see you where are you hiding whoa what are you I am the path you choose the decisions you make the roads you didn’t take I am what you make of me I am your destiny this is not happening it cannot be real I am dreaming I am ouch it’s not a dream no Catherine I am as real as you are what do you want it is not what I want but what you want that matters tell me Catherine do you want me your destiny to be a happy present or a happy future then this doesn’t make any sense but let’s just say that if I want a happy present then I shall have to suffer for the rest of my life no the probability of me enjoying.

My life later outweighs the probability of me enjoying it now as we live in the present to secure a beautiful future that’s how we are genetically sowed so as any sane person would deduce this unfathomably irksome situation that looks straight out of the dream I would bear the trouble now and have something better to look forward to in the future, yes um I have no idea what you just said I choose happy future goodness all right you shall have that and with that, the wave crumbled back into the lake crushing on its surface and in a moment turned calm and quiet what just happened after resting by the lake for the night Catherine and cactus set out to the kingdom of downland.

When they reached a small town in the kingdom they were passing the market Catherine saw an old lady carrying a heavy bag with difficulty staggering down the road ma’am may I help you and why would you do that um I’m you in this town and looking for a job I could help you carry the bag and in return, if you could recommend me to a house or a bakery or anywhere that I can work it would be very kind you are looking for a job why I’m looking to hire someone to help me with the chores myself 10 silver coins that’s all I can pay and you can stay at mine that would be wonderful thank you and so Catherine began to work for the lady and she worked very well.

One day when the woman went out to the market Catherine took her work and sat down at the window oh so here you are Catherine huh you did you really think I was going to leave you in peace you chose for a happy future remember and then fluttering over to the linen press where the old woman kept all her finest sheets and clothes tore everything in pieces and flung them on the floor oh no my mistress will not forgive me, yes and she might hand you over to the guards and have you arrested as well what do I do now Catherine thought for a moment and then starting up she ran to the door opened it and then fled cactus hurry what days passed and Catherine found herself a job at a bakery.

But exactly as before destiny came again and spoiled everything run come cactus hurry what again and so it befell for 11 months and every time Catherine found a fresh place her destiny came and forced her to leave it finally after having been chased away from her last house Catherine now downhearted and despondent sat down by the margin of a quiet lake and reminisced about her past life I don’t know what it is that you’re running away from that Catherine I know is a nerd boring and not a lot of other miserable things but she is not a quitter you are right cactus I will not sit here and cry over my fate I will make my own destiny yeah um whatever that means Catherine went to the capital of downland hoping.

She would be able to meet with the king and ask him for his help king bernard is very troubled at the moment he would not have any visitors unless it is someone with the solution to the farmer’s dilemma it’s a riddle the young king says that whoever can solve it will be showered upon with gold coins you see his destiny apparently has posed it to him and said that if he could solve it he will find the woman of his dream tell me about the riddle very well when a farmer returns to his boat to cross the river after having purchased a fox a chicken and a bag of corn from the market he realizes he has a dilemma the farmer can only take one item in his small boat at a time otherwise.

He risks capsizing he cannot leave the fox alone with the chicken because the fox will eat the chicken he cannot leave the chicken alone with the corn because the chicken will eat the corn how does the farmer successfully get all three items across the river I can solve it all right look if you present me to the king I will solve it and once I have the gold I will give you all of it Katherine was ushered to the courtroom where king bernard sat eager to hear the answer you think you can solve the farmer’s dilemma yes it’s quite simple really I am listening first the farmer must take the chicken across the river leaving the fox and corn alone together on the starting side then the farmer goes back and gets the box.

When he takes a fox across the river instead of leaving the fox alone with a chicken he takes a chicken back to the starting side he then swaps the chicken out for the corn and brings it across leaving the fox and corn alone on the far side finally he goes back to the chicken bringing all three items across the river without letting anything eat anything else huh marvelous she sold it she solved it how did you do that actually I’ve read a lot of riddles back in the day in my palace your palace Catherine told the king all about her and tales of misery you are the princess Catherine of Norway yes your majesty please help me get my kingdom and I will be forever grateful to you your army can take down panto with a snap of a finger call me bernard please and yes I shall help you early next morning.

When the kingdom of norway was still in a deep slumber king bernard along with princess catherine attacked norwalk and seized the palace king panto was captured from his bed and was put behind the bars and all of norway’s previous cortiers soldiers and ministers were released from imprisonment you came for us princess or shall i say queen i am sorry i didn’t come sooner i was fighting my destiny the whole kingdom rejoiced at the news of the return of princess catherine who was crowned as the queen the queen of marwah the queen of narwhal she’s so smart i want to be like her a princess with glasses i say yes  catherine went on to become a benevolent leader and was loved by all of norwalk the next spring catherine and bernard married each other and a grand feast was held in the kingdom you look pretty what’s your name can we be doubt don’t that’s a weird name don’t you think hey don’t where are you going and as for catherine’s destiny well it never showed up again as she had taken charge of it and proved that we make our own destiny you.

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