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Great outdoors and cold winters in Quebec — Miles of Happiness

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#EXPATSERIES : leaving everything behind to move to quebec – Antoine & Florine’s big move

Can you describe yourself in a few lignes?

My name is Antoine, I’m 33 y/o and I’m French. Florine turned 30 y/o last month, she’s also French, but with Spanish roots. We met in Montpellier (France) in 2013, where we lived and worked for years. I used to be Managing Director of a fast food, and Florine was teaching Spanish in French schools. We loved our life in South France. We had our friends and families living nearby, enjoyed the summers by the beach, a few travels here and there in Europe… Oh, and we have two cats.

What event triggered you to leave all that behind and move to Quebec?

We’ve always had that idea to move abroad one day. I (Antoine) studied 3 months in Quebec in 2007 and loved it –then I kept the idea to go back in the back of my head for more than a decade. Florine, on her side, dreamt and planned to teach French in Colombian schools in 2014, but the project didn’t go through.

In 2018, we realised Florine’s old dream: traveling to Lapland, Finland. We both fell in love with the frozen atmosphere, the cold winter, the snow and the great outdoors.


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