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Home How To Use Limiting Beliefs to Your Advantage | by James Ssekamatte | May, 2021

How To Use Limiting Beliefs to Your Advantage | by James Ssekamatte | May, 2021

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These strategies helped me use my limiting beliefs to achieve exponential growth in my goals

Closeup of artist working on a painting.
Image credit: suman bhaumik

Limiting beliefs are more than just false narratives and parasites that take up space in our minds. They are indicators of what I need to address to move forward. I have learned to look at limiting beliefs as closed doors that simply need to be opened through a little more will than the one currently being used at any particular time prior to “getting rid” of the limiting belief.

  1. They are my guide to achieving exponential progress.

Many times, I have come to a point where I feel I cannot progress any further. When that happens, I tend to get bored and in the past, I used to just abandon those things at the stage when I get bored of doing them.

  1. Sit and wait for inspiration to strike
  2. Force my hand by pushing my limits (sometimes limiting beliefs)

The best thing that always came with me pushing against my limits and going on to the next level was the exponential progress that resulted. This is the reason I was able to learn visual art from beginner to skilled in less than two years.

One of the portraits where I sketched using charcoal. Image by the author.

You should try to use your limits to advance your interests instead of focusing on the limits you have. Limiting beliefs can never be fully conquered by anyone. We all have our limits in some way or another. Once you get rid of one, another one, and probably a much harder one, will arise and the process continues.

Consciously note down any limiting thought

Limiting beliefs can often be very hard to identify since they play out as some form of learned helplessness. To make matters worse, our brains often disregard information that has not been useful in the past so it can function efficiently. As a result, actions and behaviors that are surrounded by limiting beliefs will often go unnoticed.

Photo of some of my former limiting beliefs in art.

Examine why you may be having that belief and reach for help if possible

Some limiting beliefs are simple while others may need external guidance in order for you to push through to the next level. Some limiting beliefs will have clear answers for why they exist.

Convert the limiting thoughts into challenges

Doing challenges is a great way to hack your focus in committing to something uncomfortable for a long time. Challenges give you something to shoot for and you learn a lot in the process.

How do you set up an effective challenge?

When setting up a challenge to address your limiting belief, make sure you minimize the chances of your challenge feeling like work as much as possible. This can mean introducing fun to your challenge or taking it on with another person.

After the challenge

I have always noticed that if I can successfully go through these steps and complete the challenge, little to none of the limiting belief is left. Sometimes I have to go through the steps a few more times while each time addressing and taking on a new challenge. In time, it dissolves the limiting belief I have.

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