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Home How To Use Notion to Track (and Hit) Your Goals | by Blake Reichmann | May, 2021

How To Use Notion to Track (and Hit) Your Goals | by Blake Reichmann | May, 2021

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Learn how to set meaningful goals in Notion—including a free template to get you started right away

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Setting the right goals is important regardless of the tool you use to track them. I start with the right structure and then organize my goal setting in Notion accordingly.

  • Annual Goals
  • Quarterly Goals
  • Monthly Goals
  • Weekly Goals
  • Daily Goals

Now, I’ll show you how to create your high-level goal-setting template — from your 25-year vision down to your daily goals — all inside Notion. And if customizing your template inside Notion isn’t your thing, you can access the exact template I use at the end of the article.

25-Year Vision

This is the page where you get to have the most fun, but you also want to take it seriously (after all, it’s your future we’re talking about). I suggest blocking off at least an hour to really think about what you want to get out of your one shot at life.

The 25-Year Vision will ultimately set the direction you want to go. (All screenshots by the author.)

Annual Goals

While the 25-year vision will ultimately set your direction, the actual goal-setting starts here. These are the goals that you want to accomplish by the end of the year.

The Annual Goals page is where the actual goal setting starts.

Quarterly Goals

Your Quarterly Goals page follows nearly the same template as your Annual Goals. The biggest difference is that your Quarterly Goals template also showcases your priorities for the quarter and page links to your Monthly Goals for the respective quarter.

The Quarterly Goals page follows a similar pattern but with priorities included.

Monthly Goals

The Monthly Goals page is almost identical to your Quarterly Goals page, so there’s not much else to add.

Look familiar?

Weekly and Daily Goals

The Weekly Goals page is slightly different from the others because you’re setting priorities for the week to determine your daily goals.

The Weekly Goals page is where the work happens.

If you’re ready to get started right away, then click the link below to make a copy of the exact template I use. Once you’ve copied the template, feel free to make as many changes to it as you like.

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