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“I’ve started to love my body again’ says mum who lost 14 kgs in four months!

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Fed up with feeling tired and sluggish and unhappy with her reflection, Michelle knew it was time to take some control.

Just over four months ago this mum of 6 joined the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge as a Platinum member and is smashing her weight loss goals! She’s already lost 14 kgs and is more committed than ever to reach her target.

See how far she’s come below.

Michelle Puia is 39 and lives in Melbourne Victoria. She’s a busy mum with SIX kids aged between 20 and 2. Just over four months ago, Michelle decided things needed to change.

Michelle shares “I was feeling sluggish, tired and overweight and not liking what I saw in the mirror or photos.”

Weight Loss Results

By using the Healthy Mummy App and following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and Healthy Mummy Smoothies Michelle has lost 14 kilos and although she has more to lose, is loving how she’s feeling.

“I have noticed a massive change with my body, I am much more fitter and have a new found love for exercising again which is also great for my mental health too.

“I have started to love my body again even with all the humps, bumps and tiger marks lol”

Loving the ‘Platinum Perks’

Michelle is also enjoying all the perks that come with being a Platinum member.

“I love the free postage, the extra 10% discount and the Ebooks with loads of different recipes”

“And the fact that I am now a lifetime member if I fall off the wagon I can get straight back on, The Healthy Mummy will always be there for me.”

Michelle also relies on the conveniences of the Healthy Mummy Smoothies for when she is in a rush.

“My favourite one is the Tummy Smoothie. I add mango and passionfruit pulp with coconut water.”

Michelle’s Day on a Plate

“I usually have eggs on toast, poached or an omelette with my coffee. Lunch is a Healthy Mummy Smoothie or whatever I can whip up, dinner whatever I’m cooking for the family. Snacks Banana choc loaf, choc chip muffins, yoghurt, a piece of fruit.”

Michelle’s favourites in the Healthy Mummy App

  • Choc Chip muffins,
  • Banana Choc Chip Loaf
  • Snickers slice,
  • Stove top Lasange (pictured)
  • Beef and chicken burgers,
  • Feta and Spinach Puffs
  • Hidden Vege Sausage rolls and loads more.

Favourite App Workouts

“I love the Workouts with Weights, Boxing, Intense Hiit, they are all pretty awesome but these are my favs”

Michelle’s Three Tips for Success

  • Be ready and wanting to make a change
  • Give yourself small goals
  • Be consistent.

Michelle adds, “Take progress photos and measurements as the scales do not always tell the truth! I always found having my snacks prepped stopped me from getting the first thing I see in the cupboard.”

Read more here for why Mums love being Platinum Members

Congratulations Michelle on your awesome results!

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