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New Heart Touch Story Know Your Importance

by admin
New Heart Touch Story Know Your Importance

Introduction Of New Heart Touch Story Know Your Importance

New Heart Touch Story Know Your Importance. know your importance once upon a time in a little town there lived a young man by the name of alan was a hard-working guy and put all his heart and soul into his work at the shoe company where he had been an employee for the last five years but his hard work and dedication was never appreciated no matter how hard he tried he was always made to feel that he wasn’t giving his best alan the designs for the new collection of children’s shoes are they ready I I’m working on them what still working on them I needed it an hour ago but you gave me the project just two hours ago so an hour is not enough they are children’s shoes how long can it take um just give me a few more hours.

I will finish it up I am just tired of your laziness alan you have one hour finish it and bring it to my desk but hey ellen you coming for lunch um no you guys go ahead I need to finish this all right Mr logan I have the designs ready for you what designs for the children’s shoes ah you know what I just spoke with Kathy from marketing and she feels we are better off releasing the women’s collection first oh yes design the best in trending shoes in the market right now and give it to me in an hour is there a problem alan no no Mr logan absolutely not good and what about these designs forget them throw them into the bin I don’t care I don’t need them anymore yes that’s how poor Allen was undervalued at work he worked till late.

While all his colleagues would leave and just when he would think that he was done for the day he would find himself handed over with more work good you’re still here Mr logan did you like the women’s collection um they were not great but that’s not what I want to talk about right now where are the children’s shoes designs those I discarded because you said oh alan Allen you know I hate excuses I need the designs finished and on my desk before I reach office tomorrow apparently our competitors are releasing a children’s collection we need to hit the stores before they do understand yes Mr logan sure good now if you will excuse me I am running late for a party bye.

Mr excuse man Allen stayed at work till very late that night just like most of the other nights on his way back home he ate the cold sandwich that he had brought for lunch it’s okay alan it’s all worth it they are going to announce the employee of the year tomorrow and I am sure it will be you Allen lived with his mother in a small apartment and life was not very easy for them alan is it you yes mother I am sorry I’m late again I will cook something for you quickly here you go, mother, I will get your medicine and the landlord had come again he needs the last three months rent else we will have to vacate the house oh don’t worry mother I am sure I will get the promotion tomorrow and then our life will be better.

Oh, you work so hard son I hope you get what you deserve that night alan went to bed with the hope that the following morning will bring joy into his life the next day alan went to work with a bright smile on his face very confident that the employee of the year trophy was going to be his attention people as you all know it is time to announce our employee of the year and we all know who that is the person not only showed sheer excellence dedication and discipline but also went out of their way to get the right things done ladies and gentlemen.

I present to you the employee of the year miss Kathy from marketing what congrats alan stood there frozen as the world around him stretched and contracted his eyes glistened as he watched everyone congratulate Kathy who had joined the company only six months ago that’s not fair but I’m happy for alan walked about the road aimlessly lost in his thoughts the piled up and pending rent the money for his mother’s treatment the unrecognition for his hard work all began to press down on his mind that’s my rock oh I am so sorry I didn’t realize um I’ll get it here apologies ah thank god its curve did not get chipped off oh my precious um don’t mind me asking but what’s so special about this ordinary piece of rock ordinary sun nothing in this world is ordinary everything has its own unique value if you put it in the right place.

I don’t understand okay take this rock and go to that stationary store over there and asked them how much they would pay for it just find the value and come back um okay alan went to the store and returned after some time 50 cents that’s how much they would pay all right now see that ornamentation store over there go there and ask for its value Allen nodded and went to the store he returned after some time five dollars that’s how much they would pay hmm all right now go to that museum over there and ask them how much they would pay for it confused alan nodded and went to the museum my goodness this isn’t an ordinary rock sir it is a luna lunar meteorite.

Okay, I will pay you what did they say they said 50 dollars not so ordinary now it’s staggering to know that something worth fifty thousand dollars is only worth 50 cents at the paperweight store and five dollars at the ornamentation store exactly we people are also just like this piece of rock we are all extraordinary in our own ordinary ways all that matters is where we decide to place ourselves I want to let you know alan that the right place values your value in the right way don’t put yourself in the wrong place and get sad and dejected when they don’t value you rest you know what to do use it well hey but this is wait how did you know my name hallelujah.

What where did he go allen looked around for the old man but he was nowhere to be found and at that moment a breeze of air as soft as silk wafted his face and alan stood up with resolute indetermination writ large on his face for the first time that day he put the rock in his pocket and went to his office oh no he didn’t go back to work there he went there to get his back and tell mr logan that he wasn’t going to work there anymore wait but hey found a new job at another shoe company which did not only value his skills but also respected him as a person he cleared all his dues and kept a nurse for his mother to take care of her at all times now alan was not just happy but content as well because he finally learned his worth and was at a place where everyone else did too and as for the piece of rock allen kept it with him always as a reminder of the man who had taught him a great lesson the right place values your value in the right way you.

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