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New 2020 Angel Story

by admin
New 2020 Angel Story

Introduction Of New 2020 Angel Story

New 2020 Angel Story. it was a time when people believed in fairies and angels and beings from other worlds who visited our world to conduct their business this story begins at the foot of the mountain in Norway on a cold winter’s night in a castle urgent in its need for repair it was the birthday of halda the little mistress of the castle all her friends had gathered and there was such merriment and games that even the old old castle seemed to laugh and delight with the happy children and then came the announcement of the birthday cake children it is time the king the cake in those days was no ordinary fair for on birthdays the cake baked up a little magic of its own it was a ritual for the mother of the child baking the birthday cake to put a ring in the mix when the cake was cut whoever got the piece with the ring would get a wish which if were reasonable.

Enough no fairy could deny full of excitement the children sat around the table looking at the cake who would get their wish tonight if I get a wish I shall ask for a furry white cat with blue eyes I will ask for an airplane that can become big and I can fly in it whenever I want to and I shall want a doll who can talk to me what do you want to hold up um I can’t think of anything that comes on it is your birthday how can you not make a wish um maybe I shall just ask for all of your wishes to come true.

So shall we cut so the cake was cut one by one the pieces were cut and passed around then one by one they took bites no one had the ring wait what was that sound the ring it fell from my piece and as everyone watch with off the tiniest but the brightest glow of light formed itself on the table near halda then there were wings and there appeared a radiant glittering fairy no taller than your fist holding up her exquisite wand studded with rubies and diamonds and ahead of gold that glittered like the sun ready to grant halda her wish happy birthday holder?

What is your wish that I may fulfill Hulda stared at the fairy and at that moment she was consumed by a desire so intense to possess the fairy’s beautiful wand oh please may I receive your gorgeous wand my heart so craves to possess it at that moment the fairy lost her luster and became transparent she almost sobbed had asked of her have I wished for something wrong oh dear dear fairy no you have asked not just for my wand but rather for my life for what she’s a fairy without her want to do good in the world and now the gnomes of the underworld will want to imprison me for if they manage to imprison a fairy their powers to create trouble in the world increase.

I am so so so so sorry I thought you would have many ones what have I done I do not want your wand anymore please keep it I must crunch you your wish holder so you must have my wand oh but do keep it safe and don’t give it away to a gnome please maybe I shall see you again someday here this wand is now yours halda was horrified at the harm she had caused the fairy she kept the wand in a wooden box locked it and carried the box wherever she went to keep the wand always within her sight many months passed such news as a fairy having to give up her one was indeed very breaking in the other worlds a gnome heard of it and there was nothing more.

He wanted to imprison a fairy so he disguised himself as a peddler and reached Hilda’s castle to steal the wand he was careful to pick a day and time when halda was quite alone at home he wore very high shoes to appear taller and covered his green face and he carried a sack on which he put a spell that whoever laid eyes on it would want to see what is in it and then he called out so that halda would hear bracelets rings and earrings no jewels lovelier than these have you seen birds of gold and silver serpents of rubies and diamonds trees and animals carved in sapphire amber pearls and emeralds halda who was playing in the garden heard the gnome’s call and the moment she laid eyes on the sack she was struck by the spell and she ran out into the garden to see his wares wait will you please let me just see your wheels please wha what here I can’t let you inside the house for I am alone what has become of the world.

Now even children wouldn’t trust a sick old man and invite them home and give them a glass of water in the hot sun oh I am so so sorry please do come in and when the gnome reached the house his eyes turned red for he sensed the presence of the precious wand he coughed miserably when halda ran to get him a glass of water he went to the box and ran with it a bracelet fell from his sack when Hulda heard and saw the box missing she ran after the gnome the one give me back the wand you’re a gnome come back the gnome looked at halda and then below the pine tree he stamped the earth twice the earthquake and a hole appeared the gnome jumped into it and then the ground closed again before halda could reach the spot had sat there and sobbed I lost the poor fairies won what have I done Hulda was consumed with despair.

She kept the gnomes bracelet safely fervently hoping that someday it might help her get back the fairies won somehow a year passed this way and when her birthday came again it was not a merry party for all the children were still sad for the fairy and they desperately wanted to help hold and the fairy so this time when the cake was brought what shall we wish for whoever gets the ring wish for halda to know how to bring the wand back to the fairy would you all do that for me indeed we would so when one of the children found the ring without a second thought the child wished I want for all that to know how to bring the wand back to the fairy the room was filled with a blue light that came from the bracelet that the gnome had dropped Aldo went to the dresser to retrieve it the bird on the bracelet came alive and said when time changes and one year passes into another the gnome will come out from down under follow him then to his world and remember.

Only that what they steal is theirs not what they buy in their world proof is what matters elsa truth is as good as a lie and the light faded and the bird became lifeless again whoa what was that I never knew even bracelet birds could talk but what in the world did it mean I think when one year passes into the next it is new year’s day and midnight yes yes at that time when the earth opens I am to jump into that hole in the ground and the rest of it uh only that what they steal is theirs not what they buy in their world proof is what matters elsa truth is as good as a lie I will never know till I go down there you will go to the world of the gnomes it could be dangerous not as dangerous as living your entire life in prison isn’t it I will go from that day Hulda wore the bracelet all the time.

Hoping that the bird would come alive again to help her but the bird remained still and lifeless on new year’s night halda went to the pine tree and waited with her friends the moment the clock struck 12 the earth shook and parted the gnome popped out from the hole but halda and her friends caught hold of the gnome and pushed him back inside the hole just as it was about to close and halda jumped in after him she fell for a long long time till she finally landed on a clump of mushrooms it was the courtroom of the king of the gnomes my what have we here a human your highness jerry what is she doing here with you i don’t know your highness hulda wasn’t quite sure what to say and when you’re not sure what to say the truth is usually the best option i i have come here to take back the fairy’s wand the wand why jerry didn’t you say that you had stolen it yes i had indeed stolen it then the one is ours human now you go back halda was not going to simply go back now she thought hard and then what the bird had said on her birthday suddenly became all clear no your highness he did not steal it from me no i stole it i stole it i stole it remember then why did you leave this behind he took an exchange for this bracelet that is not real stealing is it this is like he paid me for the one isn’t it no oh yes this is our bracelet.

Jerry had stolen it from the queen of bird nests jenny how dare you actually really buy something and tell us you stole it how dare you jerry jerry jerry how dare you I dropped it by mistake but it still doesn’t count as stealing does it return the one to her it does not belong to us and guards put him in jail for not stealing now wait a minute did I hear this right the gnomes don’t take anything that does not belong to them and for something to belong to them it must be stolen what really I am glad we stay with humans don’t you well the wand was returned to halda and she was led back to the pine tree that night who should hold a sea but the fairy in her room barry.

Dear fairy I brought your wand I am so so so sorry how you must have suffered without it that’s okay holder oh see I am all right whatever happened was for the best because now that I’ve got my wand back from the gnomes no gnome till the end of time will ever be able to steal my wand ever again thank you, Hilda, thank you so much the fairy went back to her world leaving halda with a very important lesson pulled alert never again to desire for something that belonged to someone else.

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