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New Blue Rose Story For Kids

by admin
New Blue Rose Story For Kids

Introduction Of New Blue Rose Story For Kids

New Blue Rose Story For Kids. Once upon a time in a beautiful kingdom in china there lived an emperor who although old was a jolly good man and was loved by his subjects the emperor was content with his administration but the only thing that would sink his buoyant mood was the thought of finding someone worthy for his daughter princess mid princess min was remarkable for her beauty her eyes were long and slanting and as bright as brown onyxes and hearing her laugh was like listening to a tinkling stream she was also as wise as she was beautiful and chanted the verse of the great poets better than anyone in the land daughter my daughter.

How do I find the perfect companion for you oh my heart wails at the thought of failing to see you with a worthy man father don’t strain yourself I’m sure the universe has a plan oh I have no time for the plans of the universe I am an old man and not aging rearward you know and I want to father you’re distressing yourself again then what do I do daughter what do I do okay here is what we are going to do and so many suitors presented themselves at the palace as soon as it became known that the emperor desired a son-in-law but when they reached the palace they were met by the lord chamberlain the emperor has decided that only the man who finds and brings back.

The blue rose shall marry his daughter the princess men blue rose what is a blue rose where on earth can we find it the suitors were much puzzled by this order many considered the condition imposed by the emperor to be absurd and at once put away from the thought of winning the hand of the princess the few of them that decided to entertain the condition set out at once to find the blue rose one of the suitors his name was t young he was a merchant and immensely rich he went to the largest shop in the town I want a blue rose.

The best you have apologies sire but I do not have blue roses I have red roses in profusion white pink and yellow roses but no blue rose I want a blue rose and from where you procured I do not care I shall come back after two days and if you do not have it for me I shall have you put behind the bus terrified the shopkeeper went to his wife and announced that they were ruined his wife after hearing the whimpering of his husband smiled and said relax dear if we cannot find a blue rose we must make one go to the chemist and ask him for a strong die.

Which will change a white rose into a blue one so the next day the shopkeeper went to the chemist and asked him for a die and the chemist gave him a bottle of blue liquid telling him to pick a white rose and to dip its stock into the liquid and the rose would turn blue the shopkeeper did as he was told the rose turned into a beautiful blue on the day when t young came to his shop he proudly presented to him the blue rose marvelously I shall now head to the palace and present it to the prince the prayer all the best when t young reached the palace.

He was ushered into the courtroom where he presented the flower to the princess this is a white rose its stalk has been dipped in a poisonous dye and it has turned blue for a butterfly to settle upon it it would die of the potent fume take it back I have no need of a dyed rose and no want of a truthless husband t young bowed his head in shame and left the palace despondent the other suitors sought in various ways for the blue rose some of them traveled all over the world seeking it while some of them sought the aid of wizards and astrologers.

But all of them eventually failed to find the blue rose at last when all had abandoned the quest the lord chief justice went to the palace bearing on a silken cushion a large sapphire which was carved so as to imitate a full-blown rose with all its petals your highness I bring to you the blue rose the emperor turned to his daughter the lord chief justice has brought you what he claims to be the blue rose has he accomplished the quest princess min took the precious object in her hands and examined it for a moment huh this is not a rose at all it is a sapphire I have no need for precious stones apologies lord chief justice but I must return this to you the lord chief justice bowed down before leaving in discomfiture a few months passed and now no one in the country was venturing on the quest of the blue rose princess min who was out taking a stroll in the kingdom disguised.

As a man heard someone recite her favorite poem she stopped to see a young man sing playing his one-stringed instrument while singing I’ll watch beside the willow trees the river as the evening fell the twilight came and brought no breeze no dew no water for the whale princess men couldn’t stop herself and joined him in glee when from the tangled banks of grass a bird across the water flew and in the river’s heart great glass I saw a flash of air blue and then I turned around to see roses singing for that was blue oh my heart my silly longer rose that was blue amazing not many know this old poem I’m lee June nice to meet you princess men did not utter a word but simply walked away that night.

She tossed and turned in her bed thinking of lee Joon when morning came she leaped out of her bed and putting on the disguise made her way for the market area when she saw lee Joon she walked up to him and introduced herself as Jon young when the two sang enchanted their favorite poems until it was time for her to say goodbye to him this went on for a few weeks and princess min found herself drawing closer towards lee jon one day as the two sat by a lake the sun sank in the glory of dusty gold and in the violet twilight a couple of stars twinkled like spearheads so you’re not from around here no I come from the neighboring kingdom came here to ask for the hand of princess men you see I am in love with her but after hearing her turning down the riches of the merchants and the most powerful of the warriors.

I lost hope I’m only a minstrel you see princess men’s eyes sparkled and her heart sprang inside her chest he loves me uh have you seen her I’ve seen her portraits but it is not her beauty that I’ve fallen in love with it is her love for ancient poetry that draws me towards her I’ve heard she sings really well too princess min smiled and then removed the imitation mustache and let her long hair open legion watched with his mouth open you are princess men he immediately stood up and bowed princess min smiled and standing up took his hand then she explained to him about how she had fallen in love with him too I love you legion and I want to marry you please ask my father for my hand lee jun smiled at her.

But the thought of the blue rose came to him instantly but I don’t have the blue rose you do and so the next morning lee Joon went to the palace empty-handed the emperor was amused to see him empty-handed but he chose to let her daughter speak about it daughter this minstrel who has come empty-handed claims to have the blue rose what do you bring to me kind sir now watch beside the willow trees the river as the evening fell the twilight came in brought no breeze no dew no water for the whale when from the tangled banks of grass bird across the water flew and in the river’s hard gray grass I saw a flash of air blue and then I turned around to see roses sing for me some were white and some were red and some were pink colored too but my heart oh silly heart it long for a rose that was blue then.

My heart my silly heart found the blue rose in you yes the blue roses you the blue is you princess men you are the blue rose you’ve been all alone what nonsense daughter what is he talking about father he is right the blue rose is not a physical rose but my favorite poem lee jun has accomplished the task and also has my heart what princess min narrated to her father how she met lee jun and fell in love with him what I told you, father, the universe has a plan it always does it made me meet lee jun I love princess men your highness I’d like to ask for her hand in marriage and your blessings upon us the emperor was taken aback for a fleeting moment and then laughed out loud and so princess min and legion were married in a grand ceremony and the emperor was happier than ever he had learned to not strain himself about things that weren’t in his control and leave them to the plans of the universe because the universe always has a plan.

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