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New Charming Snowflake Story

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New Charming Snowflake Story

Introduction Of New Charming Snowflake Story

New Charming Snowflake Story. Snowflake once upon a time in a little town called Dan caster a cheerful place filled with close-knit and friendly people were the Schneider’s a fun and loving family of three Curt Olivia and Rob this was their most favorite time of the year winter winters and Dan caster was the loveliest the streets are covered in a bed of sparkling white snow and surrounded with children playing around making snowballs and snowmen one day as the snow started to fall the kids ran out to play Curt was out by the driveway shoveling the snow and watching Rob playing with the kids of the neighborhood honey T is Eddie coming darling they were a happy family and they loved their son Rob dearly.

However, the Schneider’s always longed for the fairies to bless them with a little daughter look at the little girls playing how adorable they are I would love to have one of our own so I could brush her hair and dress her up in the prettiest dresses just as they were standing by the window Curt saw a few of the girls build snowman honey I have an idea it’s such a beautiful day why don’t we go out and build a snowman with Rob that sounds lovely I shall go and get your tools out from the garage we could make a snow child she shall be ours to love and we shall love her dearly that would be amazing and so Curt got out of his car Ving tools Rob kept scooping out balls of snow while Olivia went in to make them.

Some hot cocoa with mini marshmallows in it they began to shape out the little doll they first made the body with little hens and made the feet with tiny little toes near Papa let’s make-ahead now this is so much fun I can’t wait for a little snowflake to be completed snowflake that’s what we shall call her then they carved out her chin and a cute little nose and made two beautiful eyes he carefully carved out her lips and there she was already and complete just then the snowfall had stopped and peeked through the clouds out came the Sun shedding a ray of light down on snowflake and suddenly out came a little breath Kurt fell back in surprise Rob screamed out loud and excitement who by what was that Rob’s face brightened up excitement as his eyes met hers and her lips turned as red as raspberries as she smiled at them.

Olivia ran out to see what had happened and to her amazement snowflake turned to her dropping off all the loose snow of her my it’s a miracle the fairies have actually blessed us and so they rejoiced and went inside snowflake grew fast every day she would grow bigger and smarter all the children of the town would come by and play with snowflake one day as winter had passed snowflake told her mother about the fairies of the earth and sky the fairies of water are waiting for me and as the Sun shines brighter I shall join them please don’t be worried you will still be able to see me down by the river before I leave no my snowflake what are you saying I’m not going to let you go anywhere mother I have to you see I am the fairy of the water cycle but don’t worry I will be back but where will you go I will flow down the stream and flow the river giving water to everyone in the town but honey like I said mother don’t be worried.

I will be back the next morning snowflake and Rob went with their friends to play by the river they spent the morning playing games and singing songs on the grass just as the Sun became brighter snowflake began to melt and sat by the riverbank after some time she had melted and turned to water in the river hey where did snowflake go she was just here right snowflake snowflake the kids looked around for her but could not find her anywhere just then Rob heard his name called out that sounds like snowflake I heard that too it sounded like it came from the river they ran to the river where they saw a beautiful little girl floating in the water it was snowflake tell mama that I shall be back soon I am now going with the water fairies confused Rob scratched his head and nodded and ran back to tell his mother about it meanwhile snowflake flowed along the stream and went with the water fairies in the day she would visit her friends at the bank and bring water for the people for them to drink and take home here you go ma’am thank you little one all of the land was filled with life that.

She would bring with the water as she slowed with the river the flowers began to bloom and the grass grew greener the birds flew around chirping and singing their melodious songs months passed and summer was around the corner where the land was filled with warmth the Rays of the Sun came down to play and the kids to play by the river they jumped in and swam with like as she slowed and took him along the water Rob float up and down and around on the water this is so much fun it is now time for me to go up with the fairies of the sky.

This is where I will evaporate and go up into the atmosphere I will be flying in the air and flowing with the wind but why do you have to go can’t you stay here and play with us if I don’t go then the wind will not blow and the flowers will not be able to pollinate there will be no fresh air for you to breathe don’t worry I will be back soon and so snowflake had evaporated and went up into the sky blowing through the trees she went around blowing the breeze Kurt was out by the lawn mowing the grass when a light breeze brushed against him he looked up and to his surprise, he saw snowflake floating in the air hello papa oh hello my child Olivia look who’s here oh how lovely it is to see you my dear oh how fun it is to fly with the wind I get to fly around the sky with the fairies of the Sun by day and at night I get to blow through the trees of the forest as the birds go to sleep.

I shall be back home soon mummy and Papa it’s only some time before winter takes care my love with a blow a breeze snowflake flew into the sky at last winter had arrived and the snow began to fall coating the town with a white blanket mama Papa it’s snowing it’s time for a snowflake to come back home finally I’ve made some biscuits for her they ran out into the yard to greet their little daughter and just then out of the snow came snowflake looking taller than before she ran up to her parents and hugged them tight I’m so glad to be back oh the little snowflake I am so happy you’re back you won’t leave us again will you Oh Robbie.

I am the fairy of the water cycle and I have been chosen by Mother Nature the angel of the earth to fill the land with water throughout the year so as time passes each season I shall take the form of the water in its cycle going from snow to water with some evaporates to water vapor and come back down in the form of snow but don’t be sad I will be with you in my many forms all through the year oh my little one come on in now I have made some of those biscuits that you like and so they went inside and enjoyed the tea and biscuits and snowflake continued to bring happiness into the lives of the people of Doncaster as the fairy of the water cycle.

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