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New Hot Trending Necklace Story For Kids

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Introduction Of New Hot Trending Necklace Story For Kids

New Hot Trending Necklace Story For Kids. once upon a time in the beautiful country of France there lived a gorgeous woman by the name of matilda she always cared about her looks and worried about not having pretty things being married to a humble clerk victor who worked in the ministry of education and earned a decent salary she bore her worries with effort huh that lady’s dressed superbly such lovely ribbons and jewelry and me, not even a bow why do you worry about such silly things you are superbly pretty isn’t that enough matilda wasn’t convinced she believed that she was all deserving of the riches other women wore at night victor and she sat together to dine ah warm soup and freshly baked bread isn’t this lovely ugh just old soup and normal bread I wish we could have eaten a larger course in fancier silverware and so matilda lived her days.

Always wanting more instead of appreciating what she already had one day her husband came home in bright spirits matilda here’s something for you she tore open the envelope and saw the invitation inside this is an invitation to a ball to be held in a week’s time at the minister’s hall isn’t that splendid splendid victor tell me what do I wear to that ball, huh oh maybe the dress you wear to the theater i mean you look lovely to me oh what’s wrong I don’t have any anything worth wearing to such a ball sweetheart don’t cry how much would a new dress cost matilda dried her tears and pondered carefully about 400 francs victor turned pale at this he was saving exactly that much to buy himself a fishing set to go out with his work.

Colleagues very well my love I will give you the money to get yourself a very pretty dress but as the ball came closer matilda started to get anxious what’s wrong aren’t you satisfied with the dress it’s beautiful but I have no jewelry to go with it well I have no money to buy jewelry what about wearing some flowers that’s in style right now currently flowers ah then everyone will know the poverty we live in no I need jewelry or I won’t go then why don’t you ask your friend gene I’m sure she’ll be generous matilda was delighted at this idea she went to visit jean who had been a good friend to her but as gene now had a rich house and good life matilda had distanced herself matilda.

How have you been they spoke for quite some time until matilda finally asked gene for the favored jewelry well, of course, I have many choose whichever you like she handed jean a box full of many trinkets and necklaces the sparkle they held was reflected on matilda’s face she tried on many but liked none do you have anything else how about these two boxes matilda looked but found nothing in the first box but when she opened the second one in it lay the most beautiful set of diamonds matilda had ever seen she carefully lifted them onto her neck and was delighted at her reflection what would it be fine if I could have just this oh of course matilda was elated thanked jean and hurried on a home on the night of the ball matilda was a complete success.

She laughed and chatted with much joy so much so that even the minister himself greeted her during the evening once the ball had ended she went to find her husband who had retired into a room to rest he picked up her modest wraps to cover her shoulders with ah these wraps completely ruined the look of my dress I think I’ll do without them poor victor followed his wife into the street that night seemed to be an unlucky one as no cab seemed available they walked for a long time until they finally hailed one it took them back to their flat and they tumbled out and up to their room when they reached inside matilda went to admire herself one last time oh no what happened the necklace.

It’s not here I’ve lost it what that’s impossible did you wear it before leaving, of course, I did I also remember feeling it while talking to the minister what about the cab did you get its number I did not victor was crestfallen it was already four o’clock in the morning oh fine I’ll go back the way we came and search the streets in case we dropped it and so he left leaving matilda alone as she sat there completely blank after some hours victor returned sadly as he had found nothing he told his wife to write to gene tell her you have been given the necklace to be fixed as you’ve broken the clasp it will give us time to find the necklace and so while matilda did this victor went and made a complaint to the police and cab drivers.

But no word came to them we have nothing left to do but replace the necklace they went around everywhere looking at all the jewelers, at last, they found a similar necklace like the one they’d lost that’s it sir how much is it and this man-made will cost 40 000 francs painstakingly they agreed to buy it they begged the jeweler to hold it for them until they got the money victor went around begging and asking around from all his friends and family he soon collected the amount and they bought the necklace she returned it back to jean who took it back without even looking at it thereafter the couple’s lives changed they sent away from their helpers and went to live in a flat which had lower rent matilda scrubbed and washed and worked for many houses.

In the city, her face turned wrinkled and her hand’s rough victor worked for longer hours during the day and took the night shift too after 10 whole years of slogging they had finally paid off their debt but how changed they both were how terrible my hands look now than my beautiful hair it has streaks of gray in it think of them as streaks of silver deer for the hard work we’ve done she smiled at him warmly but still felt sad at what a single string of diamonds had done to them one day as she was out walking she saw a little boy bounding along with a lovely lady it’s jane and she still looks as lovely as a rose should I go and speak to her gene, hello you do look lovely.

After all these years my dear who is that woman I have never seen her madam I’m sorry but I don’t think I’ve ever my dear friend it’s me matilda i suppose I have changed a lot but Tilda but my dear what happened to you matilda now told gene everything she thought that since she’d paid the whole debt and cleared everything it was fine to come clean you say you lost my necklace and then bought a replacement worth 40 000 thanks yes I’m sorry to have lost it in the first place oh matilda why didn’t you tell me the truth sooner that necklace wasn’t even worth 200 francs how is that possible it was exquisitely beautiful but it was a fake it was a necklace made out of plain cut colored glass and thus poor matilda had learned her lesson if she had only been content with what she had and had counted her blessings then maybe.

She wouldn’t have gone through so much trouble how foolish I have been I had such a decent house with a loving husband why didn’t I see that earlier my dear matilda i’m home what’s for lunch, oh and I bought you these flowers i hope you like them they’re lovely for lunch I thought we’d have warm soup and some fresh bread is that fine that would be lovely.

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