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New Story The Magical Princess In A Bottle

by admin
New Story The Magical Princess In A Bottle

Introduction Of New Story The Magical Princess In A Bottle

New Story The Magical Princess In A Bottle. Once upon a time across the vast german lands there lived a lovely princess named adele. Adele was madly in love with prince Johann and so decided to speak to her father king Stefan father Johann has asked me to marry him isn’t that wonderful Johan why well he is kind sweet and marry someone worthy of you adele like prince warner he is the strong and rude and ill-mannered father I will marry no one else but Gohan adele and king Stefan were both stubborn and soon the king lost his temper enough adele was taken out to the garden.

Where a beautiful fountain laid with a glass blob flaming in the sunlight father enchantment of glass do as I ask God within thee, my daughter until three long years have passed what no you’re too stubborn you’ll learn to obey no father adele tried calling out for help but the magic hit her from sight and sound from the outside world three years is too long Johan will forget me suddenly a beautiful little dragon appeared magically before hello there sorry I’m late I was uh cleaning my scales don’t they look shiny oh who are you the name’s Schnell keeper of this glass ball.

Who are you I’m princess adele my father trapped me in here because I wanted to marry the love of my life oh no why yes and I refused to marry whoever he chose and now I’m trapped here wait can you get me out of here sorry I’m supposed to guard you against escaping I can give you pretty clothes good food and I don’t want that I want to meet oh there adele look I’ve been in here for what 50 years and I’m just fine your point see three years are nothing and they’ll go by in a flash and besides I’m here with you that definitely makes things better right.

Whatever that’s the spirit adele hoped the three years would pass by easily but she was wrong adele would constantly think of the outside world and of Johann and no matter how strong she acted or what Schnell did she spent her days weeping finally the hard three years ended oh what’s happening the spell’s being uplifted watch out gotcha oh thank you but I haven’t turned back to normal the receding effects of the spell maybe hop on my palace ah what if father finds out I’m free and he oh no hang on the princess.

Yeah, not so tough now huh did you see that whoa you really are a dragon well the spell made me teeny tiny do you see now I have to leave since I’m free and all, and you I want to meet Johann at your service climb aboard hold on tight yes and so the two flew high above the lands and soon Schnell dropped her off a little away from Johan’s kingdom sorry princess I would want to scare those who haven’t seen dragons as magnificent as me oh thank you so much snell I couldn’t have done it without you, oh well you were a delight too with your bright smiles and tears and howls and uh well never mind that so long and away he flew disappearing like a red river of flames.

I must find Johann adele roamed the streets and finally managed to reach the palace there she accidentally met the head maid hello what do you want I can’t visit Johan dressed like this maybe if I get into the palace first uh would you please give me a job adele decided to work in the palace until she had a chance at meeting the prince now Johann was supposed to marry princess Martina who was enchanted to be a witch by day and human by night the only way to break the spell was a magical necklace.

Which lay in the prince’s kingdom once I have that necklace I’ll be human again she never showed her face to anyone and spoke to Johann only when she was human now if you’re thinking where Johan disappeared to when his beloved adele was trapped away don’t worry he didn’t forget about her you see Johan would visit adele’s kingdom hoping to see her but Martina’s spell made her invisible to his eyes and death to his ears and when he next saw adele’s kingdom the spell made him see a burnt up kingdom with ruined landscapes he was devastated and returned heartbroken son I know you loved adele but you must marry soon the kingdom needs a future queen.

But no Johann I will find you someone suitable and you must marry her Johan knew he couldn’t argue and so agreed to marry anyone as his duty to his kingdom and that is how Martina and Johann were set to wed oh adele is it wrong to wish that you would somehow come back to me oh I miss you meanwhile adele through the maid’s gossip had learned about johannes betrothal to Martina and was devastated she didn’t know the circumstances under which he was marrying her I guess he has stopped loving me but then I won’t interfere his happiness means everything to me the wedding day finally arrived and adele by a stroke of luck was asked to take tea up to the bride I wonder what she’s like meanwhile Martina was deeply troubled.

I can’t go out like this he’ll never marry me oh what if I cover my face oh that won’t work uh your highness I’ve brought you your tea Martina was about to yell when she suddenly got an idea I don’t need to marry I just need the necklace after the ceremony Johann will surely give it to me come in adele entered the room but found herself staring at Martina’s back I need a favor from you and you will not say no I need you to go out as the bride instead of me but cover your face at all times what but how can I as your future queen obey my orders girl yes your majesty so adele dressed up as the bride and veiled went to meet Johann adele’s heart skipped beats.

When she saw him oh Yohan huh your voice sounds different like my true love huh sorry i’m still not over her this marriage is a compromise I meant to tell you before we exchanged vows in case you don’t want to marry me after knowing the truth it is fine by me he still loves me but how do I say anything with so many people watching adele got a brilliant idea oh dear bells how you time for me an untrue bride oh dear flowers how you bloom for me an untrue bride what did you say whatever I’ve said promise me you’ll ask me to repeat it when we’re alone Johan was confused but agreed just then he clasped the most magnificently crafted necklace around adele’s neck.

The two were married and the celebration went on till it was almost done adele snuck off to the bridal chambers dressed up in her maid uniform and hid in the prince’s room later when the prince arrived he called Martina yes I promised to ask you about the poem what was it Martina a gape didn’t know what he was talking about well I don’t really remember was it something important Johann was stunned as he listened to her he realized her voice wasn’t the same your voice sounds different and what where is the necklace i gave you what ah you gave the necklace already that girl must have stolen it I never stole anything Johan and Martina were most astonished adele.

What how dare you come in my way I’ll curse you guards but just then the sun started to rise and Martina turned into her witch form what oh goodness I’ll get rid of you both and the necklace will be mine but the necklace around adele’s neck Shawn like a thousand brilliant sons and deflected Martina’s evil magic please I only wanted that necklace to break my horrible curse what curse Martina told them everything about the unfortunate curse she had had to bear so this necklace will break your spell yes you’re giving it to me uh-huh I wouldn’t keep you away from getting over your curse the only thing I need is Johann’s love for me Martino wore the necklace.

The spell broke and she turned into her human form I’m human oh yay thank you so much adele I thought you’d forever left me where were you adele told him how she had been trapped unhappily for three years for his sake but no matter we’re finally together and also I’m your wife now but I saw your kingdom completely destroyed apologies yohan when I first saw you you were still in love with adele and would keep visiting her kingdom I tried to find her and put a spell on her but could never find her that’s why to stop you from visiting her kingdom I put a spell on your eyes so that you only see her kingdom destroyed and ruined and thinks she is gone. but since my curse has been lifted I hereby remove the spell from you and so adele and Johann lived a happy life together king Stefan also realized his mistake and vowed to never be stubborn again Adele didn’t need the necklace she had Johan’s love and those who saw her could swear that she was the most loving person ever you have a beautiful voice I must say oh thank you Schnell.

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