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New Trending Story Silk Festival

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New Trending Story Silk Festival

Introduction Of New Trending Story Silk Festival

New Trending Story Silk Festival.The story of silk I’m so excited grandpa I’m glad cool come let’s move to the front all yay wow magnificent isn’t it yes who is she grandpa that’s empress you the silkworm mother yes it is because of her that the world knows of silk I will tell you all about her after the commencement of the festival, no I want to know now how am I to enjoy the magnificence of the festival if I do not know about the person it is dedicated to I cannot argue with you on that all right I will tell you to see.

Once upon a time in this very land of china lived empress leisure she was the wife of the great yellow emperor and was as beautiful as she was artful but Elijah was not always the empress she was a kind-hearted young girl who lived in shielding in southwest china young Liu’s parents were in ill health and she would tend to them and bring them water and wild fruits from outside here have some water father we’re so blessed to have a child-like you lies you you toil the whole day to keep us father do not distress over me for it is my duty as a child now let me quickly prepare supper and so the days would pass just like any other with lies you setting out early in the morning to the woods to find fruits and edible seeds.

One day after walking for hours and trying to find fruits lies you sat down under a mulberry tree and began to cry as she couldn’t find food anywhere and was worried that her parents would starve oh what am I to do now I cannot return without food mother and father must be so hungry her crying was so sad and heart-wrenching that a fairy who was perched on a branch as a bird felt touched with her magic she dropped some mulberry leaves into the ground Elijah did not take notice of the leaves at first and continued to solve the bird then alighted on the ground and began pecking on a mulberry leaf with its beak puzzled to see a bird eating leaf lies you picked up a mulberry leaf from the ground and chewed on it hesitantly and found it both sweet and sour oh this doesn’t taste bad relieved.

That the leaf was edible she gathered some for her parents and made way for home when Elijah reached home she let out a horrid whale no father mother I used parents were no more the poor girl was now all alone days passed and lies you often found herself seeking solace under the shade of the mulberry tree one afternoon as she sat under the tree lamenting to the bird about her purpose in life she was suddenly startled by an approaching sound it’s the king oh dear he looks to have gone unconscious from thirst and exertion horse stops near the mulberry bush and the king dropped to the groundwater lies you had once set for her house and returned.

After some time with a pitcher of water and helped the unconscious king drink it he should be fine at some time don’t worry oh why am I talking to you you’re a horse I am leaving the picture here tell him to have some more water when he wakes up ah you cannot tell him anything you’re a horse and I am still talking with you all right bye then lies you you need to stop talking with animals eyes you walked home with her head hanging down unaware that the horse was following her slightly she came out of the woods and then walked up to her house by the lake the horse watched from a distance and then returned to its master who by then had regained his consciousness.

Who sang my boy where were you and who leaves this generous pitcher of water here for me you know them king sheiling rode upon his horse and reached Elijah’s house Elijah who was sobbing bitterly stood up and wiping her tears reached for the door who must it be to knock on my door oh king sheiling are you the kind person who fetched water for me yes your majesty interesting you help your king and then do not wait to claim reward helping you is my duty, your majesty, very well let me reward you as it is my duty call your parents to tell them the king is here Elijah’s eyes glistened as she pursed her lips what is it my parents passed away a few months ago.

I live by myself the king moved by Elijah’s plight palmed her head and said you do not anymore I killing hereby adopt you as my daughter your honor call me father come let’s go to the palace and thus young Elijah became princess Elijah who was loved and adored by all princess liju grew up to be a fine woman who was skilled in archery and political matters too under the blessing of her father king healing she was wedded to the yellow emperor and became empress Elijah together they helped unite china but that tale is for another time coming back to the day when empress lies you were practicing archery perfect empress practice makes us perfect indeed is my tea ready yes empress it awaits you under the shade of the mulberry tree empress lies you sat down for her cup of tea under the mulberry tree a beautiful afternoon.

It is today yes empress lies you lifted the cup to her lips when a small object pasty white in color dropped into her drink from the swaying branches of the tree overhead oh what is this oh I will have it changed at once wait I’ve never seen something like this before curious empress Liz you picked the blob from her tree and noticed it was oddly soft the silky case soaked in her hot tea had softened further and thin strands shining in the light of the sun had started to come out of it the empress made a pull on a loose strand ah look at it come out here hold it and keep pulling the maid pulled at it until it stretched the length of the garden wow this is marvelous it is indeed empress.

Being the artful and curious person that she was empress Elijah decided to find the source of the object she went around the tree to find lots of cocoons fallen in the ground look identical objects intrigued she gathered more cocoons from the tree to unravel and work the strands into cloth when she finished she had woven a soft and shimmery fabric that was supple to the touch and yet exquisite this is so delicate so elegant excited by her discovery she thought of telling the emperor about it but decided that she needed to study the subject further she spent the next few weeks examining the silk malls she found that female silk moths lay around 300 to 500 eggs at any one time these eggs eventually hatch to form silkworms.

The silkworms feed continually on a huge amount of mulberry leaves and it takes around six weeks for them to grow completely at which time they stop eating and begin to raise their heads that’s when they’re ready to spin their cocoons after studying the silkworms for several weeks empress Liu concluded that the worms ate nothing but only mulberry leaves it is time I speak to my husband empress lies you went up to her husband the yellow emperor and told him all about her discovery a soft fiber dear what are you talking about oh my this is so soft and superlative we can produce it right here in our country imagine the boost it will give to our trade you’re correct what would you have me do persuade by his wife the yellow emperor presented a grove of mulberry trees to his wife.

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