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New Winter Story In 2020 Lets Read

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New Winter Story In 2020 Lets Read

Introduction Of New Winter Story In 2020 Lets Read

New Winter Story In 2020 Lets Read. Eternal winter once upon a time far away at the foot of a hill in a humble farming village there lived a jovial young girl by the name of Elsa she lived with her foster family but Elsa didn’t know that father look at our mustaches thick curly and grand all right you two now go mother is it strange that my hair is different from all of yours what why your hair is magnificent it’s not just the hair you all have freckles while I don’t have any my skin is paler too elsa don’t worry about things like that you are our daughter and we love you isn’t that enough I’ve set the toast cheese and nuts but I want cheese and honey cheese and honey here hmm this is delicious.

I still don’t understand how they don’t like it Elsa always felt like something was amiss in her life but could never quite figure it out one sunny day Elsa decided to go for a walk up the hill it’s so beautiful up here the flowers are so pretty huh if I gather some and give them to mother she’ll be able to sell them and make good money however while gathering them her fascination blinded her from how deep into the wood she was heading ah the sun is so warm I’ll just rest for a little while Elsa slept soundly until the sun had set and she awoke with a start oh no I’d better hurry home however she couldn’t see in the dark and only went in deeper.

Where the winds felt as cold as ice what is this place I must get out of here but the strong winds only let her astray Elsa desperately looked around for shelter there I must start hello oh as her eyes closed the door opened and a tall shadow loomed over her, please help me the next morning Elsa awoke to find herself in a warm and luxurious bed where am I oh right I came here last night Elsa was glad to find warm food at her side and ate it hungrily she noticed that the room although dusty was well furnished I’d better go find the man she wandered out of the room to find the man sitting facing the roaring fire you’re awake yes uh thank you for helping me last night since you’re fine you should return home your parents must be work are you okay leave as she left the strange house she felt the winds were now gentler she gazed in wonder at the frozen trees and white snow how strange we are currently in spring and the wood is beautifully green and yet how is it winter in this one part she soon came out of the frozen part of the wood Elsa else are you their mother father Elsa we were so worried why would you come here

I went to pick flowers for you to sell and maybe earn something but I got lost and just huddled under a tree I’m so sorry oh oh sweetie it’s all right we don’t need the money if it costs us your life you bothered to come here again elsa nodded but didn’t tell her parents about her strange encounter and went home puzzled the next day she was deep in thought ah that man was so kind to me but he seemed terribly ill should I check on him a father’s busy in the fields mother is at the nursery and they’ll return home late tim and bed are always out playing till sunset so I guess I’ll go she raced up the hill and struggled through the icy winds elsa knocked on the door expectantly hi I’m the girl from what do you want to to thank you for you already did yesterday bye wait don’t just leave me out here do you live here alone oh dear there you go you’re still here what’s this soup to heal your cold please have a little bit the man looked at the soup he was really sick and the warm liquid tempted him yes delicious Elsa was thrilled and chattered away amiably while the man silently ate listening to her lively chatter with a frown on his face oh I should leave Mr uh Alfred all right Mr. Alfred I’ll visit you tomorrow but why Elsa smiled gleefully and hurried on home reaching just before her family in this way.

She would visit Mr. Alfred every day she felt a strange feeling of contentment whenever she was with him Mr. Alfred initially tried ignoring her but then found himself enjoying her sunny presence eventually he started to show and teach her new and marvelous things and would read her beautiful stories from his books I want to give you something he went in and returned with a tray of scrumptious treats this is something that I love toast with goat cheese and honey oh I love it too no one in my family seems to like it.

Mr. Alfred and Elsa soon grew close and a strong bond began to form between them in this way two years passed and Elsa turned 18. one day a terrible pest infestation destroyed all the fields of Elsa’s village how do we grow the crops again we will need new seeds immediately but we don’t have the money to buy bam during her visit that day Elsa told Mr. Alfred all about the disaster with less food some people will even starve he looked at Elsa’s forlorn face and left the room here why it’s full of gold coins and jewels Elsa give this to the farmers but only secretly it should be enough for them to save their crops Elsa though surprised agreed to his request she divided the lot into separate bags leaving them at the various farmer’s doorsteps they were incredibly astonished me elf I’ve done it the farmers were happy to thank you.

Elsa, I’m sure even my wife would be glad your wife he smiled at her astonishment I will tell you a story long ago I was rich but cold and a greedy man my beloved wife Olivia had a heart of gold, but I never took any of her kind advice one new year’s eve we were all celebrating with guests in the house enjoy yourselves as much as you want to thank you thank you huh what is it please I just wanted some warm shelter and food for the night go away you’re ruining the celebration darling please she is hungry, and freezing let’s help her no means no go away at that moment the winds blew harder and the old lady transformed into a fairy you’re as cold-hearted as the ice your wife, however, is extremely kind you don’t deserve her love, and you don’t deserve the pleasant life

I curse you to a life of eternal winter and your wife to a long slumber once you are truly sorry for your wicked ways she will awake and know this hidden truth will reveal themselves when the curse is broken and with that the frost poured over our land like a frozen wave oh no my sweet baby take her away from here save her please soon she went into a deep sleep and my baby i searched for her but never been able to find her oh how sad you you aren’t a bad person you have such a kind heart your wife will definitely wake up can i see her when they entered the icy chamber elsa saw a lovely lady peaceful and calm as she slept in an ice casket this is olivia sweet olivia i am so sorry for the way i had behaved i regret all my terrible ways and elsa here has taught me how beautiful love and kindness can be if only you would wake up the spell broke dispersing.

All the frost from the wood flowers bloomed graciously all over the now warm mansion alfred olivia you’re awake are we alfred through his tears explained all that had happened and olivia slowly remembered about the curse is is that our daughter uh no that’s elsa she’s a kind little girl who has been visiting for these two years but the three little brown dots on her jaw see just like mine what but why haven’t i seen them before hidden truths will reveal themselves when the curse is broken suddenly elsa heard her mother’s voice elsa elsa mother here oh elsa i told you not to come here madam olivia the two women cried as they saw each other and elsa stood there completely baffled how do you know my mother oh elsa you see in truth madame olivia is your real mother they are both your real parents what i took you away years ago for your own safety but just couldn’t tell you the truth but we really do love you as our own daughter oh i know elsa teared up and hugged ally elsa father mother our sweet daughter and so elsa began to stay with her real family of course she would visit ally george and the twins frequently and didn’t love them any less but she was happy to have finally found a place where she felt she belonged you.

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