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People continue to have health struggles after COVID-19 recovery

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For some, it starts off with a cough or maybe a fever, a headache or body chills.

The coronavirus can hit people in many different ways. It doesn’t matter someone’s age or gender or even if they have no underlying health conditions.

But even if one does beat the virus, it still can forever change a life. 

FOX8 spoke with some of the Triad’s “long-haulers”: COVID-19 survivors who are still suffering.

“I made fun of it. No, I didn’t take it seriously. I really didn’t. But once I got it…well, it’s serious,” Angela Holly said.

She said COVID-19 hit her like a ton of bricks.

“‘I couldn’t move for three days because it hurt so bad. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea,” Holly said. “I didn’t want to eat. I didn’t want to drink. I just had no desire to move. I stayed on my couch.”

The Trinity mom of four had the virus over a month ago.

“I can’t cook a full meal now without getting winded and having to sit down,” she added.

From the couch in her home, Holly shared her story with FOX8.

“Just talking with you, I’m short of breath,” she explained. “I shouldn’t feel like I’m jogging just by trying to have a conversation.”

She has a long road ahead of her much like 25-year-old Trevor Peters and 27-year-old Samantha Anderson.

The couple caught the virus in December. Neither of them had serious symptoms at first.

“It started with a mild sore throat and a mild cough…I woke up the next morning and felt like I had been flattened by a truck,” Anderson said.

“It hit us differently,” Peters said. “I had fully body aches and a whole lot of pressure in my head the whole time.”

Now they have lasting and serious effects.

“Every time I eat something, I get hives from my neck into my scalp. My throat gets tight, and my stomach feels like I have a fire under it,” Anderson said. “My doctor basically said that’s just caused by COVID inflaming my immune system so bad.”

Peters has damage to his lungs and is waiting to see a pulmonologist after having a CT scan. 

“Just talking and doing basic stuff around the apartment or going to get groceries feels like I went for a jog or a quick run all the time,” he added.

They didn’t expect their lives to be changed by the virus.

“We’re like ‘Oh, we’re young. We’re healthy. We’ll wear masks and stay away from people,’” said Anderson. “But we really didn’t think we would get it or it would be this bad.”

They, and Holly, are now urging everyone to take precautions and be careful.

“I wish I could have taken it more seriously than I did. I wish I didn’t joke about it,”Holly said. “It bit me. It bit me hard.”


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