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Princess Story For Kids

by admin
The Princess Story For Kids

Introduction Of Princess Story For Kids

Princess Story For Kids. Once upon a time there was a warrior prince of an unknown state talking everyone is praising you but how long are you going to wonder with me think about yourself before you get old the king and the Queen were very happy with his chivalry but they were worried because though the prince had reached the age of marriage he did not like any princess the king and the Queen felt very sad because of this to find a solution the King goes to a great Saint of that state Saint I’m worried about Prince’s marriage he doesn’t like and go please tell me when and how will he meet his soulmate the most beautiful princess of the world is going to end to his life but it is not easy to find her listen to me carefully many years ago a king and queen were ruling a state he used to care for his pupil everything was well and good meanwhile the Queen gave birth to a beautiful little princess all go very happy the King was extremely happy he announced a party in the state every one of the state were invited to bless the princess including the angels 12 invited angels came forward to bless the child I bless you with happiness.

The 12th Angry Angel Go Wrong

He made sadness never touching I bless you let the entire beauty of creation leave it here forever I bless you with courage honesty generosity love health all the angels were blessing the princes as the 12th angel came forward suddenly the entire palace was filled with black smoke as the smoke was removed up dark and wicked angel appeared she was extremely angry because the King had not invited I can see everyone except me from the status invited here just because my complexion is dark and your child is fair and beautiful please forgive me I should not have treated you this way I am not spared this little princess I want to give her a unique gift this princess will grow up receiving love and praise from everyone.

Angel Gives Wishes To Beautiful Princess

But at the age of 15, she will be poked with the needle of the spinning wheel and die good speech everyone present in the court was astonished no one understood what to do now the last angel came forward again and tried to bless the child, my dear child, I cannot turn the curse around you but I can surely help you by reducing it this princess will not die in fifteen years but she will enter into deep sleep four hundred years thank you so much for your blessing angel I’ll be grateful forever angel mother I want to see my daughter getting married but we will not be able to fulfill this wish. its really interesting princess story for kids.

Because living for hundred years is not possible please do something so that we could see her marriage okay after the princess goes into deep sleep everyone present in the palace will go into a deep sleep and will wake up after hundred years but the princess will be able to get up only when a handsome and brave prince touches her Thank You, angel, mother, everybody, felt relaxed with the Angels blessings but the curse of the Black Angels was present there somewhere being concerned about his daughter the king ordered his soldiers to burn all the spinning wheels of the state the princess was growing everyone loved the Blessed.

The 15th Birthday Of Princess Now Come To Now

Princess years passed and there came the 15th birthday of the princes the entire state was decorated on her birthday there was a massive party organised for everyone nothing bad happened in the palace or in the state that day but the other day a message from other state was received saying the Queen’s mother was not well Rani called her favorite maid and gave the complete responsibility of the princess to her and the king and the Queen went to their father’s state oh I’ve never seen such a beautiful butterfly ever following the butterfly the princess came into an unknown dome listen grandma have you seen the beautiful butterfly that came flying here just now I don’t know hmm what is that which is spinning so fast this is a spinning wheel would you like to try yes of course grandma I’ve never seen such a thing in my life princess started to spin the spinning wheel suddenly the pointed needle off the spinning wheel used her finger the wicked curse of the black angel came true the princess fell and slept. lets read more princess story for kids.

Now The Princess Was Hide After Spin The Magical Wheel

The maid could not find the princess and she became nervous she started to look for the princess she looked for her in every corner of the palace but she couldn’t find the princess when the King and Queen returned they came to know about this they both were scared it was ordered to look for the princes in the entire state the king also started to look for his daughter everywhere at last they came to the doom seeing the princess beside the spinning field the King started crying my daughter what happened to you that prophecy came true we have lost you for the next hundred years come on let’s go to the palace and make our daughter ready for that Prince the king called all angels to help all the angels made the princess wear beautiful clothes the decorated the princess bed with beautiful flowers the princess was looking very beautiful the angel started chanting the spells dear Almighty when your daughter who is sleeping right now completes her hundred years of sleep then you send the symbol of love and fill in their life.

Hundred Year Sleep Time Period

with happiness let’s go to our respective places dangers left the palace all the doors were closed dangers chanted the safety prayers once again everyone become immobile everyone present in the palace went to sleep the fire in the fireplace also went off horses and birds slept in their places suddenly they were flat clouds and it started raining the entire Palace was covered with leaves after few years many princes tried to enter the palace but nobody has successfully entered till date few princes even lost their lives prints a very beautiful princess is going to enter into your life very soon but you will have to be some challenges to obtain her oh I’m ready for that father but what is the name of that princess everyone calls her Sleeping Beauty by the Prince fortune the hundred years was going to end during that time only the prince entered the courtyard of the palace he saw that everyone is sleeping they are immobile he checked the heartbeat of every soldier no the people of the state sleep anywhere thank God they’re still alive he then entered the palace the king and the Queen were also sleeping on their Thrones.

Now Its Time To Open The Princess Eyes

The prince was surprised to see all this he entered the room of the princess the princess was sleeping deeply the prince was stunned with her beauty now it’s so on we want this places I cannot see you dying a better Wow she is such a beautiful girl it seems as if she is the award for all my walls well done my line the prince touched the hand of Princess and immediately the curse broke the princess woke from her sleep everyone who was sleeping in the palace woke up the king and queen soldiers horses all woke up I was dreaming of you for so long I am so happy you came to save me at last I have fallen in love with you beautiful I cannot live without you will you will you marry me yes of course you have saved my life you are my dream Prince I’ll be back both of them came to the court where everyone was waiting for them everybody clapped and welcomed the new couple princess’s father invited the family members of the prince my dear time after all all the wait is over my child I cannot tell you how happy I am right now you finally got your friends of your dreams this is a memorable day for our speed and on this golden day I announced the marriage of my daughter and the prince you.

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