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Rainbow Trending Story Of Seven Colors

by admin

Introduction Of Rainbow Trending Story Of Seven Colors

Rainbow Trending Story Of Seven Colors. Once upon a time, this story happened when colors had just appeared all over the world on a beautiful sunny day the seven colors named red orange yellow green blue indigo and purple gathered together in the sky wherever they came they made the clouds shine brightly with beautiful colors how shimmering you are look because of you all we are shining so beautifully however those colors were often jealous of each other it’s all because of my look at those red clouds how strong they are no way those yellow clouds over there are much prettier your argument makes literally no sense the clouds would be even more beautiful if they were stained by me you’re all wrong it’s because of me no it’s because of me why don’t we hold a competition to figure out.

Which color is the best the seven colors found the suggestions very reasonable so a heated debate began green spoke first, of course, it’s me I am the symbol of life look at those luxuriant plants they are all reflecting my color because of me when spring comes everything becomes verdant without me everything would become perished and scary also as I am the symbol of hope people always choose me to illustrate that implication then I’m undoubtedly the best color don’t talk nonsense words your green color is nothing compared to my color take a look at this vast sky and the vast sea below and think you are as big as me I am the color of water if there was no water your plants and flowers would never be alive water is indispensable without my color.

All human and plants will wither I am even the symbol of the peace who on earth wants the war to happen right so I am the best no way is there any greater color than me here I am the color of the sun the moon and all the stars only my light can bring joy and warmth to our life without me everything will stay in sorrow forever my color also represents for power and prosperity have you ever seen any place without my golden color you all should look at the dancing gold bars how beautiful they are they’re all in my colors well is that enough to prove that I’m the coolest yet how stupid you are I am the most powerful color because I’m the representative of knowledge and ultimate wisdom.

Everyone is willing to comply with my orders simply because who has knowledge will be the best without my color everyone would become an idiot I am also the embodiment of enduring love and sincerity, therefore, I appear everywhere in this world everyone loves purple stuff than anything else because I’m mysterious sparkling and I’m also the most charming color wait a minute let’s think about me I am the color of both stillness and subtlety I’m an essential color because it represents soul thought and maturity without me everything would be nothing special indigo represents belief moments of reflection gentle relaxation life needs my deep colors to be balanced.

I’m different from you all I’m unique I am the color of the health of endless energy look at those delicious and nutritious fruits oranges tangerines pumpkin carrot papaya you will see orange appear the most everyone needs me to maintain their energy and boost their health I am also the symbol of youth confidence and innovation those are the essential things in this wonderful world your beauty can never compare to mine so I’m definitely the best color [Music] that’s enough I am the color of blood the color of vitality and of courage I’m vital for any living creature to look at those flames it’s the most important thing in this world it has the color I am also the symbol of love and great passion.

How could this world even exist without me if so everything would lose its vitality and everywhere would become bleak and gray then I’m the winner the argument seemed to be endless everyone had their own reasons the seven colors became irritable and their debate became more and more intense they separated apart each kept a cloud for themselves and then glared balefully at each other the sun above had witnessed everything he was shining brightly then glanced downward oh my stupid colors how can I make them understand and change their mindset now the sun quickly came up with a plan he then asked the large grey cloud for help he happily agreed slowly soared and obscured.

The sky what’s wrong with the sky sun where are you i don’t want to play hide and seek like this suddenly a lightning flash followed by a loud thunder craft the wind blew and water from the great cloud began to fall what a heavy rain as it was raining cats and dogs into these colors they were all panic and confusion my goodness it shouldn’t have rained now please help me the dripping water hurts me, oh these winds will blow me away quickly all the plants and flowers will be dead quickly for flooding how rude these raindrops are they attack me even when I’m their color I can’t stand it I can’t be calm or think of anything in this weather hurry up let’s quickly assemble and protect.

Each other that’s the only way to overcome this fierce storm following purple’s advice the seven fairy stood side by side and held each other’s hands to fight against the storm since then the strong winds could no longer blow all seven friends away the seven fairies covered each other from the pouring rain until it stopped and then so miraculously that a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky from that rainbow strip a sun gradually emerged and showed brightly all over the world the seven colors were so amazed because it was the very first time they saw themselves that gorgeous hey please tell me what happened is is this our appearance when we are together oh my god so beautiful we are shining as brightly as the sun yet we’ve never known this [Music] that is the beauty and your power what a pity.

When you all kept being jealous of each other and didn’t realize that each color was created with its own mission and meaning as all of you will make this life much more beautiful stop being selfish instead try to live harmoniously and make this world better together the seven fairies found it reasonable and they happily agreed with the sun’s suggestion from now on whenever it rains why don’t you create a rainbow together to symbolize your harmony the rainbow is also the symbol of hope and reconciliation that’s how the sun used to rain as a mediator whenever seven colors were in the conflict since then after the rain the rainbow with seven beautiful shining colors will appear in the sky that’s when the seven fairies of red orange yellow green blue indigo and purple reconciled and together created the colors for life you.

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