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The Real Taylor Story For Kids

by admin
The Real Taylor Story For Kids

Introduction Of The Real Taylor Story For Kids

The Real Taylor Story For Kids. The brave tailor once upon a time there was a brave sailor who was always very busy sewing coats he would use leather and wax and cloth one day at noon he suddenly felt extremely hungry I’m so hungry I’ve been sewing all day I don’t have time to eat and I have to finish this coat oh I need something to eat but all I have is this dry piece of toast then he heard a voice outside fine new jam for sale good jam I can’t resist such a treat old woman come here and give me some jam how much would you like one jar to please the tailor bought some jam for his toast he eats a few bites then he put down the toast and went back to work while the tailor was sewing some flies came in the open window they landed on the sweet sticky jam when he picked up his toast to finish it he saw seven flies stuck to the jam.

Oh no flies do you think this bread is for you I’ll have to get rid of you all so the angry Taylor struck at them with a piece of cloth seven flies fell to the ground dead seven with one blow then he made himself a belt and stitched on it in big golden letters the words seven with one blow now the whole world can know who I am and what I just did but first I will get a piece of cheese to take on my trip just in case I get hungry again the tailor headed to the forest there.

Taylor Found A Gaint

He found a little bird he took it and he put it in his pocket along with the cheese he walked a little farther and met a giant hello hi where are you going i am going to seek my fortune in the wide world would you like to come with me don’t be silly why not because you’re little so what i might be little but i am strong you strong you make me laugh look at my belt if you want to see what kind of man i am um seven with one blow so what you got a birthday cake or something are you seven i did seven with one blow on my birthday hmm so what what does that mean it means i am strong like i blew down seven with one blow i’m a giant so i am stronger than you so the giant picked a rock he squeezed it so hard that water came out i bet you can’t do that the tailor just smiled and took out his cheese i will squeeze milk out of my rock then he squeezed the cheese until milk came out that’s interesting i am still not convinced the giant plucked the tree and squeezed it until the juice came out think you can do that huh that’s nothing watch this then the tailor picked out a piece of wax from his pocket which was in a diamond shape and he threw it back and forth squeezing.

It until the wax rubbed away onto his hands making it look like it vanished where is it that was a diamond which i may disappear but that’s not even possible you’ve seen it with your own eyes the giant threw a rock far into the distance try that not bad but fell back down to earth watch this then the tailor pulled the bird from his pocket and threw it in the air the bird flew away very fast so fast that the giant thought it was a rock whoa and the rock never came down where where is it now the rock is still high up in the sky but you can’t be that strong remember seven had one blow just then the king and some of his attendants came riding by what’s all this nothing your highness i’ve just captured this giant capture me no way and the giant ran away as fast as he could i will not be number eight and blow no no no no no you have rid my kingdom of that giant take this bag of gold oh thank you your highness come with me to my kingdom everyone must know that a brave tailor got rid of the giant and he’ll never bother us again and so the little taylor found fame and fortune and lived happily ever after the end.

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