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Sacramento County Health Officer answers FAQs on coronavirus

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Dr. Olivia Kasirye answered questions at a town hall, held by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, concerning the state of the COVID response in Sacramento.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California Assemblymember Kevin McCarty held a town hall on Thursday with Sacramento County Health Officer Dr. Olivia Kasirye to answer some of the public’s most asked questions.

The following are some of the questions that were asked, paraphrased for brevity:

When will teachers be able to get the vaccine? 

Dr. Olivia Kasirye: “Teachers are in the phase 1B. And in Sacramento, we are moving to Phase 1B. I can’t tell you the exact date we will start doing it because we’re still working with the school district.”

Why were vaccines opened up to anyone over 65?

Kasirye: “With the over 1000 deaths that we’ve had, over 1,200 deaths that we’ve had in Sacramento, over 80% of those have been people 65+”

Why do I need to wear a mask after being vaccinated?

Kasirye: “From what we’ve heard from the experts, they think that it is possible for someone who has been vaccinated to still be able to transmit the virus to someone else even if they themselves don’t get sick.”

Do I need to wait to get the vaccine from my healthcare provider?

Kasirye: “You can get it outside of your healthcare provider because as we mentioned, the healthcare providers are getting only a limited supply. So if you’re able to get an appointment at one of our community sites, you can sign up for that.”

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