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Save water while traveling – water conservation: How to save water

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Water conservation has been an important role in society. Even though, water is quite an unlimited resource due to earth being 70% water. We should still be cautious with the quantities that we utilize on a daily basis as drinking water isn’t a renewable resource.

Most people are actually mindful about saving water & their use of water around the house when it is easy. But how about when they travel?

Majority of the time, folks going on a family vacation or any type of getaways have a tendency to ignore the realities of daily life and electricity, water, and waste food when they are in vacation mood.

A vacation day is no different from any regular day at work/home.

Saving Water Prior to Leaving

Right before you walk out of the door for your trip, there are several things you are able to do to prepare your home from any water wastage.

If you have a lawn or garden that requires constant maintenance, consider having a timer set for your sprinkler at night to provide unnecessary evaporation.

Having a timer set will allow you to reduce the use of water, and given the remote control abilities. You can turn off the sprinkler on wet days, vice versa.

Turning off your water main is another great way to prevent water wastage, as well as checking for leaks. A few leaky pipes will amount of huge amount of water being wasted when left unattended for long periods of time.

Checking for these issues in advance is able to enable you to stop them in the track. Remember, prevention is key!

Lastly, when packing for a holiday, you will most likely be packing a lot of clothes. And the chances are, you will not use all of them! Make sure to separate them accordingly – so you don’t end up wasting clean clothes twice.

Save water when traveling

When you are away on your travels, you might think you are limited in your abilities to help save water. That’s not the case!

Your travel choices matter to the environment, some hotels are more environmentally-friendly compared to others.

Try giving Rainforest alliance approved hotels a go! They are hold themselves up a good standard for conservation-related issues.
If the hotel you favour is not on the list, fear not! There are numerous other ways you can save water on your vacation. For example, you are able to reuse bathroom towels as well as bedsheets during your stay, rather than having fresh sheets delivered.

This will help reduce their daily laundry load, which result in less water usage.

Quick showers, packing easy to dry apparel helps too, as well as using a refillable water bottle.


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