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She’s interviewed the great and the good over a career spanning 35 years, but the #1 secret to success is simply happiness, says TV’s Lorraine Kelly

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Fame is a fickle beast, but say the name Lorraine and most people will instantly know that you are referring to ITV’s sofa stalwart, the queen of interviews, who has appeared
on our television screens, pretty much daily, for 35 years.

During those, Lorraine Kelly has interviewed the great and the good of showbiz – many of whose own moment in the spotlight has lasted just a fraction of that time. Along the way she’s chatted with health and wellbeing experts, including Juice Master Jason Vale, who she says have taught her a thing or two about getting the most out of life.

Having turned 60 last year, Lorraine decided to take all she’s learnt and to gift it back to the world with a fabulous book, Shine, predominantly aimed at women, with a
by-the-decades insight into the wisdom she’s gleaned over the years.

Nutrition and fitness are megastars when it comes to her self-care advice – something Lorraine is adamant we all need to focus on – and it comes as no surprise that she’s a huge fan of Jason and Juicy Oasis.

Fresh back from a week’s detox in Portugal, Lorraine is effusive with praise about the retreat. “Since I’ve been back, people keep telling me I’ve got my sparkle back,” she says. “This was my second visit to Juicy Oasis and, o be honest, ideally I would love to go twice a year but once is vital to recharge the batteries. It’s definitely going to be part of my life going forwards.

“Jason is like the Trevi Fountain, overflowing with energy and optimism. It’s just infectious and such a magical place”

“I think February, after the excess of Christmas, is the perfect moment to do a detox and, after a week of juice and activity, I feel lighter and brighter both physically and mentally. Juicy Oasis is such a joyful place to be – quite literally as you walk through the door the stress just melts away, and Jason is like the Trevi Fountain, overflowing with energy and optimism. It’s just infectious and such a magical place.”

Having hung out with Jason and fellow guest Strictly Come Dancing professional Luba Mushtuk, who treated guests to some impromptu dance classes, Lorraine threw herself into every aspect of the week at Juicy Oasis. While no slouch on the couch, with her own series of fitness DVDs, Lorraine loved having some well-earned ‘me time’ and says the visits have challenged her to try new things.

“It’s all about being kind to yourself,” says Lorraine, “and it’s so important to our wellbeing. I think, particularly as women, we worry about our kids, partners, pets and relatives first, and we always put ourselves last. I was feeling selfish about booking a week at Juicy Oasis, but in truth it’s the complete opposite of selfish and my daughter and husband encouraged me to do it.

Let’s Dance!

“This year, four of the girls I met at Juicy Oasis last year were back and it was lovely to catch up,” says Lorraine. “It’s interesting how many people do go back to Juicy Oasis, and it’s definitely a place where you connect with others. We all have our own reasons for being there, but Juicy Oasis is a great equaliser and you come away with so much.

“Luba is a lovely girl and one of the nicest people I have ever met – on the spur of the moment she led a fun dance class out of the kindness of her heart and next day gave us another which was a brilliant treat. That’s the fantastic thing about Juicy Oasis, you never know what’s going to happen next but if you throw yourself into it, amazing things happen.

“Last year, I tried yoga for the first time and it’s been a real game changer – you can always benefit from a good stretch – and this time I tried spinning for the first time which was amazing, it really gets the adrenaline pumping and you feel so good at the end of a session on the bikes.

“The atmosphere at the retreat is brilliant and what makes it special is you can choose whatever you want to do, there’s no pressure – whether you want to enjoy the spa or jump in the river, you tailor the week to suit your mood and there’s nobody checking up on you. It’s just a lovely, relaxing time.”

Having spoken in the past about her husband Steve’s excellent cooking and generous portions, Lorraine has consciously cut back on the amount she eats to drop two dress sizes over the past 18 months. Nutritionally, she says the week at Juicy Oasis helped her reset.

“It’s lovely to go to Juicy Oasis and have someone make the juices and blends for you,” she says, “but Jason’s plans make it easy. The daily talks during the week are excellent and you work hard to detox so it definitely makes you think about what you are eating when you get back home.

“I leave the house at 5am each morning and always have a ginger shot which gets everything fired up and going for the day. Juicing fits in well and it’s easy to swap a meal for a juice or blend. Now and again if I’m feeling a bit bloated or I’ve eaten too much I’ll do a three-day detox which is easily do-able, and Jason’s recipes are great.”

While Lorraine says a week at Juicy Oasis leaves her feeling, “Like myself with extra,” there’s no denying that at 60 Lorraine looks incredible, something she puts down to good genes and common sense. “My mum looks young so I think it’s largely down to that,” she says. “She always told me to moisturise, moisturise and then moisturise some more, which I’ve always done. I don’t use expensive creams, mainly Avon, No7, some Clarins and Origins, but always pure products as I don’t like anything too perfumed. I have to wear heavy make-up for television, so I always take it off carefully and drink plenty of water.

“Shine came about as a response to viewers who kept saying, ‘You’re 60, how do you do it?’ It felt like a good time to reflect. I’ve learnt a lot from the many experts I’ve interviewed over the years and it’s been lovely to pass that knowledge on. My philosophy is to be kinder to yourself, don’t be scared to try things or worry about the small things.

Silver Linings

“Social media is an amazing tool but don’t believe in people’s picture of a perfect life, we’re all trying to do the best we can. I’ve been very lucky, but sometimes I have bad days and it’s important to be aware and deal with anxiety before it becomes a big thing. Like everyone, I look back at photographs of myself and remember feeling that I looked fat, but now I think, ‘You were fine!’ When our daughter Rosie was little, I used to think I had to be the perfect mother with the perfect house, but that’s not real life. We’re so hard on ourselves and it’s OK to try, fail, pick yourself up and start over.

“When Rosie was born my contract with GMTV wasn’t renewed, but shortly after I was offered a mother-and-baby slot which led to me being offered my own show. Sometimes things happen for a reason, so my advice is don’t be crushed by it and things will often work out for the better.”

Having started out on TV-am as the programme’s Scottish correspondent 35 years ago, and fronted her own show for 25 years, Lorraine has also presented Daybreak and This Morning, but what challenges lie ahead? Maybe a stint on Strictly Come Dancing with the moves Luba taught her and Jason at Juicy Oasis?

“You absolutely wouldn’t see me on Strictly,” she laughs. “My job is great and I have no plans to stop doing what I love any time soon. I love the things I discover on the show. Some might call it nosy, I call it curiosity as I learn something new every day – there are not many jobs where you can say that. I have met the most incredible people – not just celebrities but viewers too who have done remarkable things in life. It is such a privilege that people choose to watch the show in an age of infinite entertainment and I feel enormously blessed.

“I would like to do more radio as it would give me the opportunity to talk to people for longer, but I also have plans to write a novel.

“It’s all in my head at the moment, but I adore the late Irish novelist Maeve Binchy who is my absolute heroine. I was asked to write the foreword to a new version of her book, Circle of Friends and I was honoured to do so – it would be amazing to be a storyteller in the same way.

“I just need to find the time to do it – in fact I wish I could clone Jason’s energy as my own, he’s always so full of positivity. Perhaps it’s the magic of the juice, but I’m definitely sticking with it!”


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