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The Heart Touching Dog Story

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The Heart Touching Dog Story

Introduction Of The Heart Touching Dog Story

The Heart Touching Dog Story. A heart-touching tale once upon a time during the year one simple creature that would hold a magnificent legacy was born to japan amidst the cool season of November somewhere on a quiet farm in date Akita a sprightly little puppy tried to waddle around along with his other siblings of the infamous Akita breed oh kawaii anata we must find good homes for them well I know masih-san here wants to gift one to someone special I do he was my former teacher and he loves dogs I know that he particularly wanted a pure Akita breed how lovely but when will you give it to him oh after new year would be good wonderful what is his name is professor hides Saburo Ueno uenosun was a renowned professor of agriculture at the imperial university of Tokyo and a great lover of dogs masi has gifted me an Akira inu another dog.

Only you and Shizuka will be happy about this a dog wait until after the new year and so when the winter ended Massey sent the little pup on his adventure on an express train to Shibuya there Ueno-san’s helper ogatakun and Kiko the gardener picked him up well little guy hung san will be so pleased to see you the puppy’s here oh put him down carefully he seems unwell oh Yoshi-san bring some milk hi oh the poor thing the train rides must have been harsh a Yoshi brought the milk and Ueno gently fed the little pup he sat up hungrily and slowly but determinedly lapped up the warm liquid there you go, good boy, ah thank goodness and now what shall we name him the name, yes but what oh Hachi the number eight is very lucky isn’t it hachi jako that’s a lovely name Hachi and so Hachi.

Started his new life in the Ueno family happily uh was always around Hachiko playing with him woof feeding him and even bathing with him there you go hatchery does he plan to flood the bath with fur he cares more about that dog than us when Hachiko was big enough he would accompany professor Ueno to the Shibuya train station now Hachi go back home you know the way right what Ueno-san caught the train to his workplace and Hachiko returned home but in the evening when he alighted from his train Ueno-san was astounded to find Hachiko at the station ready to greet him Hachi how did you be you here the whole day Ueno returned home and told the surprise yayo all that had happened strange I saw him till about an hour ago then did he leave just to receive me at the station no how could he it’s as if he knew how to tell the time.

You know they say that Akita dogs are highly intelligent they not only can feel emotions they also have the power of sixth sense and predict if an unfortunate situation is to arise don’t know about them all but my Hachi definitely is very intelligent right good boy Akita dogs are indeed an intelligent breed and it was quite evident from Hachiko who continued to accompany Ueno-san to the station every morning and when evening came he would leave the house just before the arrival of his master’s train Hachi oh come here you little angel such an adorable dog oh he is the best whether in heavy and thundering rain or the blistering snow he would never miss a day look at that dog it’s freezing and he’s waiting here loyalty.

Like that is rare and also loyalty like that must be rewarded inucho here have some of this warm it’ll do you good in this way Hachiko would draw the eyes of many passersby and his stoic unyielding faithfulness always melted their hearts thus they continued with their peaceful life for a whole year until one fateful day well goodbye Hachi what’s wrong boy Hachiko went on pawing and whining but junior-san simply couldn’t understand the problem now don’t be like that boy you know I will be back for you don’t you the train whistled and a confused Ueno just patted Hachiko and left how strange he’s never behaved like that before when I return I’ll give him a bear hug and hold on to him but fate had decided to run its own course well that’s it any questions sensei is that going to be on the exam height but I can assure you the exam will be harder.

Back home chica was making a lot of commotion maybe he’s hungry but the chico was troubled and it said that the dog at that time had sensed the pain that was to come sensei what does that part mean which part-oh that’s easy you see you just ah sensei the students rushed to his side horrified and the doctor was called but it was too late Ueno-san had suffered a massive heart attack and the heart-wrenching news traveled to his home that evening while tears were bitterly shed in uenosan’s house Hachiko waited patiently by the Shibuya station but this time for a master that would never return the funeral was held and formalities completed but Hachiko never stopped going to wait for his master at the station soon.

Jacko’s financial situation collapsed and they decided to sell the house and live elsewhere giving Hachiko away to a relative in Asakusa goodbye please don’t hate me for this Hachiko watched sadly as his mistress walked away but he had sworn his heart to the professor and so when night came and the world lay still he left the house and walked all the way along the dark roads and wooden bridges back to his home Kiku who was there was astounded at the dog’s appearance Hachi what are you did you come back for your master oh you poor soul Kiku sadly looked at Hachi but seemed at a loss for words hachi your master isn’t here anymore ah why don’t you come to live with me from that day onwards Hachiko stayed at the gardener’s place and will travel every day to the station he would wait with such amazing loyalty always believing.

That uh would return to him passengers and station workers would watch him come and wait outside every day isn’t that an Ueno sands dog it is oh such loyalty poor dog still awaiting his master we should tell the world about him such loyalty needs to be known to humans maybe we can learn a thing or two from the dog Hachiko waited and waited but when Ueno didn’t come he trotted tiredly around the places he used to know and love [Music] Archie and soon the story of Hachiko’s unwavering loyalty spread far and wide hirokichi Saito an expert on the breed of akituinu sent a reporter from a local media outlet to follow Hachiko where is this dog going welcome back.

I am a reporter from the Asahi Shimbun newspaper is this your dog oh no he isn’t kiku told the reporter all about Hachiko and his loyalty to Buenos hearing the tale the reporter was amazed at the dog’s faithfulness [Music] such an amazing find I must publish this immediately I have to tell the world about him and thus many articles were published about the dog that awaits his dead master’s return outside a station the world read it and soon Hachiko was met with nothing but compassion his undying loyalty moved everyone to tears thus adding the ko to his name which is a suffix that shows deep affection and respect he came to be known as Hachiko here Hachi you’re getting famous you know a beautiful bronze statue was created to commemorate his loyalty at the Shibuya station but Hachiko never minded.

Such things the only thought he had was that of his beloved master eight years passed by now everyone in japan knew of the amazing dog called Hachiko and his loyalty for his master more and more people began to come to see Hachiko the infamous Akita dog and his loyalty they would offer him food and take his pictures but Hachiko would sit still not eating not moving from his spot ten years passed and Hachiko now old and tired trudged with difficulty on the same path he had easily bounded across in his youth oh I haven’t seen hatchery today have you no strange right as the train whistled and the attendants left Hachiko emerged from behind the heavy snowfall he trudged to his place in the blistering cold and sat on his spot and looked towards the station that very moment Hachiko’s old tired eyes lit up his master.

Ueno comes out of the station and waves at him Hachi my boy a warm light falls on Hachiko’s face as he looks at his master his tail moves slowly Ueno walks up to him and kneels achy I finally come to take you with me my loyal Hatchie and so on that day Hachiko left the world forever leaving behind an amazing legacy for all of us to learn from and so when the winter ended the tale of his loyalty spread like a flame tugging at hearts around the world indiscriminately in japan he is used as a strong example of loyalty and love to each one’s family but throughout the world till today his story lives in our hearts teaching us that being faithful to our loved ones is always the right path in life

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