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The Magical Hoarse Story For Kids

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The Magical Hoarse Story For Kids

Introduction Of The Magical Hoarse Story For Kids

The Magical Hoarse Story For Kids. The magic horse once upon a time in Persia at the royal palace all the kingdoms artists craftsman and strangers would present their skills to the king if the king were pleased he would grant them a fine gift one day a traveler came before the king and presented an artificial horse your majesty never has such a thing ever been seen as wonderful as this, but any toymaker can make a toy horse this is not just a toy your majesty on his back I can ride through the air with the greatest of ease to the most distant part of the earth in a conscious time the man demonstrated the skills of his mechanical horse the king was amazed and asked to purchase the horse oh your majesty I couldn’t possibly sell such a valuable horse for mere money well then.

Finally King Buy Mechanical Horse

So what do you want I must have this horsey the stranger thought for a moment and then offered to give him the horse for free if the king would give him the hand of the princess the king was about to agree when his son prince Darius came into the room and spoke up in protest um forgive me father were you just about to let this guy marry my sister in exchange for a toy horse the king somewhat embarrassed denied it and asked his son to examine the horse prince Darius approached the horse he leaped onto the saddle and pulled the lever in an instant the horse rose high into the air the king was very pleased but suddenly realized that his son was so high he could be hurt he ordered the guards to seize the traveler and put him to prison far away in the sky prince Darius was carried through the clouds with the breathtaking speed he tried using the lever to turn the horse off, but it did nothing but he examined the horse further and found another lever and when he moved it.

The horse started to descend the prince came down close to the ground spotting a rooftop higher than all the others he landed the horse upon the roof of the palace he came to some steps below a princess had already been awakened by the sounds she had heard on the roof she instructed her guards to bring the trespasser to her the guards brought the prince before her and he fell on his knees um forgive me princess for awakening you am the son of a king that means I’m a prince and that’s the most important thing about me the lady was princess Nadia the daughter of the king of Bengal the princess felt glad to hear all about his adventure over the next few days the two of them got to know each other and before long they fell in love.

Prince Meet The Kind daughter Princess Nadia

One afternoon the prince said to her ah my princess I was thinking about our future and I must go back to my kingdom and ask my father for permission for our marriage plus he would like to know that the magical flying horse didn’t smash me into the ground want to come she agreed the next morning they went to the magical dangerous mechanical horse flipping the lever the two took off and in 30 minutes they had arrived at the capital of Persia the prince first took the princess to a cottage in the woods near the palace stay here well I go get the toy maker out of prison before he’s executed and I’ll mention to my dad that I’m not dead most of all I want to tell my father about you he’ll prepare a reception to welcome a princess then maybe after dessert I’ll tell him I want to marry you he explained to her.

Now Operate The Magical Horse

How to operate the magic horse in case she might need to flee for safety while he was away a thief behind the bushes had heard their entire conversation but can you blame him they were staying in his cottage hey what luck a princess alone and a magic horse i’ll take her to the sultan of cashmere i’ll get a fine reward for her and i’ll keep the horse the thief waited for the prince to disappear into the woods then he captured the princess tied her up and put her on the magic horse he got on too and pulled the lever just like the prince had said and the horse immediately rose into the air the prince still on the ground in the woods was surprised to hear the cries of his princess flying high overhead and he could do nothing about it while the king was overjoyed to see his son and ordered a stay of execution for the toymaker.


He understood why his son must leave again the prince determined never to return until he had found his princess again the sultan of Kashmir was very impressed by the thief and delivered the reward then he escorted the princess to his palace the next morning he ordered his attendant to tell princess to get ready for the marriage on the same day there was only one thing she felt she could do she misbehaved and acted as though she were a crazy and spoiled princess the sultan was soon told of this strange development he offered large rewards to any doctor who would cure her meanwhile prince Darius had been traveling through many countries uncertain.

Now Prince start Searching His Magical Horse With Few Farmers

Which way to go because he didn’t have his flying horse anymore with nearly all hope gone he rested on a rock a few local farmers came by and told him about a princess who had gone mad at the day of her wedding to the sultan of cashmere suddenly a flicker of hope lit the prince’s heart could this be the same crazy princess he fell in love with and he was determined to find out arriving at the capital city of cashmere he put on the clothes of a doctor then prince darius disguised as the doctor told the sultan that indeed the princess could be cured but he would need to speak with her alone the sultan agreed as soon as the prince entered her room he took her hands and his and whispered it is i prince darius your beloved this lab coat is merely a disguise in more additional superfluous detailed whispers the prince shared his plan with her then he returned to the sultan your majesty sultany peppery sir there’s a small chance i can save her and bring her back to sanity you see she must have touched something enchanted or watched too many movies as a child unless i can examine the magical item.

End Of Story

I cannot cure her the sultan remembered the magic horse he summoned the horse and showed it to the doctor upon seeing the horse the doctor said this is indeed the very magical object that enchanted the princess let this horse be brought out into the square before the palace and let the princess be there in a few minutes she will be cured the following morning the magic horse was placed in the middle of the square the prince posing as a doctor ordered torches placed around the horse for light the princess was brought out and led to the horse the pretend doctor placed her upon the horse he then ran around it and threw magical black powder into the torches which raised a cloud of smoke around the horse so that no one could see the princess and the horse and hidden in the smoke the prince mounted the horse pulled the lever and the magic horse rose into the air sultan a bride’s heart must be earned it cannot be purchased that same day the prince of persia and his beloved princess arrived safely at the persian court the father rejoiced at the sun’s return and immediately ordered a great feast and so the prince and princess lived happily ever after and the toy maker too the end.

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