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Home The Most Productive Way for Content Creators To Plan Their Day | by Michelle Loucadoux, MBA | May, 2021

The Most Productive Way for Content Creators To Plan Their Day | by Michelle Loucadoux, MBA | May, 2021

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Time-blocking around this set of guidelines has transformed my ability to get my creative work done

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  • All work-related tasks that take less than a half-hour to complete are lumped into a single “catch-all” hour which I schedule separately
  • All desk-working sections are separated by physically active blocks
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As you can see above, I am not chained to my desk for eight hours. I have found that as a creative person, working eight straight hours is not ideal for my productivity. On the other side of that coin, if I try to hold myself to 20-minute Pomodoro sessions, I lose my “flow” and I find it practically impossible to create a flow of creativity.

If a task I need to accomplish is something that takes less than a half-hour, I move that task to the hour I designate as my “catch-all” hour. This can be anything from replying to emails to pricing out competitors to mailing that document to the lawyer. Because I day batch, I make sure that all of these little tasks have to do with the day’s topic, but I’m always surprised at how many little things I need to do in relation to my projects.

If you’re anything like me, you have to pry yourself up from your desk when the time comes to get moving. Just one more email. Just one more paragraph. I am in the zone — I don’t want to bail now. These thoughts swirl through my mind when the time comes for my scheduled physical activity.

The beauty of being a content creator is that there is a modicum of freedom that most corporate jobs don’t allow. However, that freedom can be a slippery slope into Unproductiveland. Time can slip away and tasks can be put off. An even more present danger is that you can spend time on tasks that are not the most important ones to lead you toward your goals.

The beauty of a workday that I structure myself is something I value highly. I love being able to shape my days. However, I have found that if I don’t write down my daily schedule, I risk not spending my time in alignment with my values and goals.

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