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The New Time-Traveling Story For Kids 2020

by admin
The New Time-Traveling Story For Kids 2020

Introduction Of The New Time-Traveling Story For Kids 2020

The New Time-Traveling Story For Kids 2020. the magical cloak once upon a time in the kingdom of isa dollar the queen gave birth to a very beautiful prince the whole kingdom was overjoyed and then came the day of christening the young prince when the festivities were in full swing an unexpected visitor startled everyone an old woman igael appeared there suddenly and standing on her toes kissed the baby prince three times igael blessed the prince and told the king that he should be named dollar and then she saw a mark on the prince’s leg and told the king that there was a mark of curse on them the king and queen became much tensed my king.

what if legal is right and our son is cursed what if there is a problem with his legs if it turns out to be true then our boy will have other great abilities that will overshadow his shortcomings this has always been the law of nature as the prince grew older the eagle’s prediction of the curse and the king’s worry turned out to be a real prince dollar would crawl tumble and hop rather than walk it was a pain for the king and the queen to watch their dearest son’s sufferings dollar’s evil uncle had his eyes on the throne since long so after the death of the king and queen the evil uncle came up with a sinister plan he decided to manipulate prince dollar and take over the palace doula.

The king has to always be strong so that he can face all the attacks of the invaders and protect his kingdom from evils do you really think that you will be able to do so do you think you will be regarded as brave a king as your father his words penetrated the mind of the prince the wicked uncle kept repeating these words and the prince became sure and soon it began creating doubt about himself in the mind of the young kind-hearted prince I understand your worry uncle what do you suggest then there is a nice village far from here you can live there till you grow into a strong young man all your needs will be taken care of your nurse will be with you at all times as you say dear uncle I’ll go away from the palace but what about our kingdom don’t you worry dear I and your cousin brothers will take good care of our kingdom.

Just like your father so prince dollar with his nurse went to live in a faraway village which was beyond the mountains prince was provided with books and other playthings but still, the prince felt lonely as there was no one else to play with him or to share his feelings with dear people of hezzadola the prince has been sent to live and grow stronger in proper care and one day our dear prince will come back to lead this kingdom uh sure of course I mean so prince dollar spent his days and nights in the faraway village with his nurse wondering if his ordeal would ever end prince dollar’s nurse spent time teaching him how to read and write and so the prince started reading the books.

He had he read about amazing lands on the earth and dreamt of going there oh how I wish I could travel to these lands and see them with my own eyes as he spoke he heard behind him a tap tap sound and turning around he saw the sweet-looking old woman email in a starry gown dear prince I am your godmother and I’ve come to show you a way to your destiny all my dreams mere ambitions are just beautiful thoughts for the fear in me is unconquerable I’ve tried godmother I’ve tried yes Stoler only I can help you that’s the reason I have come to gift you with something special take this what is this godmother it is a traveling cloak just say and it will take you everywhere you wish to go remember [Music] turn to return take this and I must leave I’ll keep coming to visit you.

The prince saw the cloak roll itself into a ball and picked it up and put it into his toy cupboard prince dollar’s heart was uplifted at what the godmother had said about the cloak for the next few days prince Doller kept the cloak hidden in the cupboard when alone he would see it and wonder if it really was a magical cloak godmother speaks for my happiness I should try the cloak remember my words prince conquer your fears and you will be blessed with success and glory you cannot walk run or play but you will be able to fly using the cloak then as the prince decided to try the cloak voila it slowly unfolded by itself and lay on the floor like a carpet the prince watched it his eyes shined with amazement then hesitatingly tried it.

On what did the godmother say to fly oh yes abracadabra dum-dum and just as the prince had finished saying the magical words the cloak began to rise slowly higher and higher and it flew out from the window into the dark blue sky above and the earth was far down below it was evening as the prince took his first flight on his magical cloak cold winds flowing as he ascended the dark blue sky the stars came into view first one then many and then countless the breeze became colder and the prince shivered I should return now oh my god what were the words to turn back abracadabra turn though unsure but as soon as prince dolar said the right words.

The cloak began to turn around when he reached the tower he slipped in slowly he had the cloak on when the door opened super time prince it looks so nice and bright today that’s nice enjoy your supper and sleep well the prince hungrily ate his supper but sleep he could not get so easily as he kept looking out and was excited thinking about where should he fly the next day so the next day prince dollar went through his morning lessons with delight and when he was left alone he took the cloak out and wore it abracadabra dum-dum and off the cloak flew on his command over wonderful hills of highland I wish I had magical glasses which would help me see these lovely places and things close up no sooner had he finished his wish a pair of magical glasses dropped on his eyes and he was able to see things.

So close as if he could almost touch them with the help of magical glasses prince dollar was able to see every blade of grass every tiny bud and flower and that’s when he saw a flock of birds flying and started to fly and race with them this is so much fun immersed in his newfound freedom and happiness the prince slowly began to feel cold I wish I had a blanket to keep me warm a blanket magically appeared and kept him warm and then he realized that he was also very hungry hmm I am so hungry I wish I can have something to eat and just like the glasses and blanket all the prince’s favorite dishes appeared magically before him to eat after having the delicious food prince Doller slowly went to sleep on the cloak the prince woke up when he felt water in his hands now awake the prince flew again.

He was now in the countryside which was covered with beautiful rivers animals trees and even a waterfall oh how i wish i could listen to everything better and just then the godmother sent him some silver ears that fit over his own so he then could hear everything which he saw his flying club dipped lower and brought him closer to see a young maiden girl little bee running in the field being chased by a wolf the prince gasped at her plight the wolf will catch up with her soon i have to do something fast to help her and for that i must get down from the cloak and without much to do prince dollar jumped down and started running burst slowly steadily and then picking speed on his very own feet as he neared the wolf the wolf magically evaporated oh holy godmother i am standing on my feet yes prince Doller remember i had told you if you conquer your fear you will be glorious that is the law and gift from the nature to all who believe the smiling godmother vanishes and the prince and maiden little bee became friends.

You are the rightful heir to the throne prince I mean dear king your evil uncle is no more and you should go to your kingdom quickly before anybody else sits on your throne and listening to the nurse the prince made a decision thanks I shall try to reach there fast that night the prince took out the cloak and said dear cloak please take me immediately to my kingdom the cloak understood and that night took the young prince to his kingdom of isa dollar as they came above dollar’s kingdom a colorful and shining magpie came next to them and started talking to the prince welcome my dear king come with me and I will show you all around your kingdom the magpie showed the entire palace to the dollar and then she showed him the throne as the ministers were thinking who would sit on the throne now hearing the nurse prince dollar descended in front of his people and everyone became shocked and stunned dear all.

I am prince dollar your king and rightful heir to this throne seeing the prince and the marks on his feet the loyal ministers recognized him but were still having their doubts that very moment prince dolar saw invaders attacking his kingdom as they learned about his dead uncle and now wanted to capture the kingdom the prince with his magical cloak defeated the enemies bravely convinced and happy the people of the kingdom started hailing and thus prince dollar became king dollar who reigned his kingdom wisely and protected his people from every harm throughout his life and became well known as the people’s king by having the nurse on his side as his prime minister and as for lullaby they fell in love with each other.

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