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The Thrilling Witches Story For Kids

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The Thrilling Witches Story For Kids

Introduction Of The Thrilling Witches Story For Kids

The Thrilling Witches Story For Kids. They left the policeman named Peter in the village of Lakeview he had three sons two of them were already married but the third son named Scott was not married Scott met a lot of girls but he didn’t like anyone and used to make excuses like I want a more beautiful bride I don’t like this I don’t like that Peter was not sure of what to do to solve this one day Peter was going home on his scooter after completing his work when he was passing through the forest he hurts someone crying he looked around to see where was the sound coming from then he saw a girl standing under a tree and she was crying Peter goes to her who are you my child what are you doing here and why are you crying my name is a penny I am from Denver my father has died and my mother is sick now I came here to search for a job but I got lost on my way don’t be afraid my child I will help you you can come to my house and work there for as long as you want.

Scott Father Peter Gave Her Job A Innocent Girl

I will give you a salary come on now sit on the scooter then he sat on his scooter and they went on their way after traveling for a while Fannie turned into a unaware of this Peter kept driving the scooter suddenly the speed of the scooter decreased and Peter thought that something was wrong with the scooter somehow Peter reaches home and introduces penny to his family members Scott falls in love with her as soon as he sees her penny started doing all the work around the house like getting water from the well and cooking food for the family all the family members were happy with her work then one day penny you are very beautiful I fell in love with you as soon as I saw you if you don’t mind me asking will you marry me blushing Bonnie left without saying anything all day long she kept the disguise of a girl but every night when everyone was asleep she would change into a then she would roam around the village in search of animals like cows goats and chicken she would get and eat them and hide their bones under her bed.

Scott Ask Her Father To Marry With Penny

father I want to marry penny I will never find another girl who is as smart and beautiful as penny I will be happy son Manny’s family is in a lot of distress and if you marry her they will be little relieved also I would like pani as my daughter-in-law you have taken a very good decision son next day bata talks to pani my dia panty Scott wants to marry you if you agree to this then please give me your family’s address I will meet them and talk about this marriage, oh my father’s name is a Herald a house is near the temple in the village there is a big banyan tree nearby Peter leaves for Denver on his scooter he reaches the village and asks around for Penny’s house but villagers tell him that no one name’s Harold lived there Peter leaves for home in the evening when he reaches near his village he hears the sound of some goats he sees that a witch is taking one of the goats with her.

Now Peter Now Penny Was Witch He Want To Show His Mask

Peter silently follows the verge Peter is surprised to see the verge go inside his own house Peter peeps through the window the pitch changes Andrew penny again and sleeps on the bed a lot of bones can be seen under the bed oh my god what is happening I should go see a psychic next day Peter goes to the psychic and tells and everything it looks like that she isn’t a normal Virg do exactly as I tell you the psychic whispers something into Peters here and hand him a bottle Peter takes the bottle and comes back home and next a call all the family members this is a magical bottle my friend gave this to me if someone goes into bottle and asks God a wish it surely get fulfilled your friend has played a prank on your father how can someone go inside a bottle if you don’t believe it it’s okay I will give it to someone else it might help someone that now it Fanny changes into the wedge Peter is watching everything silently through the window the witch goes near the bottle I am fed up of living like a witch I will go into the bottle and wish for changing into a human forever of the same list of which don’t small and goes into the bottle and then Peter comes running and closes the bottle Peter shows the bottle to all the family members and tells everything Peter goes outside the village and throws the bottle into a trench later Scott is married to a beautiful girl in a big ceremony.

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