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What Are the Lasting Health Care Effects of the Pandemic One Year Later?

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AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As we hit the one-year mark of the pandemic, Americans are getting a more clear picture of the coronavirus after-effects and other urgent health care crises that are emerging.

According to new survey results from RxSaver, conducted in partnership with Phoenix Marketing, 51% of adults reported they have been negatively impacted financially by the pandemic forcing them to cancel routine doctor visits, delay elective surgeries and fall behind overall in their health care management.

This latest survey reveals the Hispanic community, one of the hardest-hit populations by the coronavirus, accounted for 65% of those impacted financially. Millennials (60%) and Women (57%) were also two of the largest demographics to still be financially burdened even a year after the first COVID-19 case was reported.

The survey found that due to financial hardships, 15% of American adults are choosing to forego their medications entirely to save on money. Adults under the age of 30 had the highest rate with 23% reporting they had stopped taking a medication due to their financial situation.

Additionally, the survey reports that not only are some Americans simply skipping their medications altogether, 31% of respondents took higher risk actions in the past six months which included either not filling their prescription, intentionally skipping a dosage, or splitting their medications.

As more people look for ways to cut down on expenses, including prescription costs, 21% of respondents have used a prescription savings coupon like RxSaver to help them save, proving the importance of coupon options. 

About RxSaver:
RxSaver improves health through the power of savings. While not insurance, RxSaver has been helping to make medications more affordable since 2009 as a trusted savings destination. Every year millions of Americans rely on RxSaver to relieve the burden of high drug costs. RxSaver prescription coupons help people save up to 85% and are accepted at all major pharmacies.

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