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  • tokyo with kids : FOOD, food, food

There are so many clichés about the food in Japan –no, it’s NOT all raw fish! Barbecue skewers, rice, fried veggies, noodle soup, fish balls, there are plenty of things to please your little ones. Although, if you’re traveling with a baby just starting to eat solids, you might want to plan ahead and pack some baby purees. I remember struggling to find some, and ending up buying a weird Japanese baby food -I say weird because of the aspect –which looked a bit like cat food-, and because, since it was all written in Japanese, I had no idea what was in it. But… Noah surprisingly loved it! And that’s all that matter, isn’t it? If you can’t get your kids happy with Japanese food, you can be sure you’ll always find something in a 7 Elevensuch as some chocolate koalas or mushrooms, to name a few classics.

One thing to keep in mind is the size of some restaurantsthe cutest one are often the most tiny ones. And when I say tiny, it means basically a small corridor with stools and a bar. No way you can fit a stroller there –not even a Yoyo. Best option is to take a baby carrier rather than a stroller when you plan to go to a restaurant. Oh and it’s not a myth : Japanese people can be very discreet and respectful, so some restaurants can be really quiet. Which is perfect when your kid decides to throw a tantrum But that’s another story for another time maybe.

  • Tokyo with kids : public transports

If most subway stations in Tokyo are equipped with a lift, it can be a real pain in the b*tt to find them, then to wait for an empty one to hop in. And don’t get me started with Tokyo subway during peak hours. If your lil’ one is still light enough, a baby carrier is one of the best options. Even better : the bus! Much nicer, you see more of the city, you’re with the locals and you avoid all the stairs. To find how to get wherever you want to go, you can simply use the itineraries in Google Maps.


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