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It was fun to meet the guests at the airport, all dressed up for the cold and excited for our adventure. We flew directly to Kittilä, then drove about 45 minutes to Akäslompolo. Days are short in Lapland, so we only had time to enjoy the beautiful drive surrounded by white forests, eat melted marshmallows and drink beers by the fire, jump in the steam room then go for our daily aurora borealis hunt*.

*That was the big fail of the trip. I’ll have to go back to the polar circle to see an aurora borealis.

Day twofat bike ON THE LAKE, snowshoeing and/or snowmobile, picnic in the snow & sunset from the hill

There are about 188 000 lakes in Finland. So no matter where you go, it’s easy to find a frozen lake where you can have some fun. We had the choice between exploring the area on a fat bike, snowshoeing and for the fearless, a tour in a snowmobile. All landscapes are frozen, you can easily get lost into nature, with nothing in sight but trees… It’s a vertiginous beauty.

As I said, days can be short in winter, so after that, we just had a quick bite on the lake -a picnic by minus 15°C. Invigorating, isn’t it ? After that, it was already time for the show. By that, I mean sunset on the forest.


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